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Do you want to be the Robocop of Information Systems? If you are planning to be a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), then consider these quizzes as you training ground. Can you decipher our questions about cryptography?

Do you think you can penetrate our quizzes on access control? How about topics involving network security, operations security, and regulations? Do you have the keys to unlock the answers to these topics? We sure hope you do. What are you waiting for? Access our quizzes now and find out if you have what it takes to be a CISSP.

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The Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is an information security certification which is allowed by ISC(International Information System Security Certification Consortium). There is a list of...

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    Masquerading is:

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    Which of the following processes identifies the threats that can impact the business continuity of operations?

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    What are the elements of a physical protection system?

This short, 10 question, quiz contains one question from each module of the CISSP practice exam.

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    In dedicated security mode, the system must have all of the following EXCEPT:

MAW Prep for CISSP Exam

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    A preliminary step in managing resources is:

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CISSP Questions & Answers

Which type of attack results in a negative fragment length when the packet is reassembled?A. Teardrop2. Smurf3. Overlapping fragment4. Fraggle
The correct answer to this question is A. Teardrop attacks occur when an attacker sends packets that are too small and result in a system locking up or rebooting. A smurf is a spoofing attack that attempts to overwhelm a system by sending an ICMP ech
Which of the following defines the intent of a system security policy?
1. a definition of the particular settings that have been determined to provide optimum security-a system-specific policy presents the managements decisions that are closer to the actual computers, networks, applications, and data. this type of polic
How is integrity of a forensic bit stream image often determined?
1. Comparing hash totals to the original source Ensuring the authenticity and integrity of evidence is critical. If the courts feel the evidence or its copies are not accurate or lack integrity, it is doubtful that the evidence or any information de
Can you complete this sentence? QA/QC mechanisms are designed to prevent data contamination, which occurs when a process or event introduces either of _________ two fundamental types of errors...
1. errors of commission-2. errors of omission-qa/qc mechanisms are designed to prevent data contamination, which occurs when a process or event introduces either of two fundamental types of errors into a dataset:- errors of commission include those c
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