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Is Hinduism a Monotheistic Faith/Religion?
Hinduism is monotheistic! Though in its practice, many deities are worshiped, they are represent different aspects of one central life source or "God" if you will, the Brahman. So, this question is displaying a wrong answer, however common
How did geography impact the economy in Ancient river valley civilizations?
Geography’s effect in Ancient river valley civilization’s economy were few such as rivers were used for travel and trade while certain areas of land had natural resources for trade. Also, gold and ivory and movement along the silk road im
What is a delta?
A river delta is formed by sediment or material carried by the river that accumulates at one area. The river also forces the sediment to remain and become compact there. At the delta, this is considered to be the beginning or end of the river. This i
What is a tributary?
A tributary smaller body of water that flows like a creek or river but it flows directly into a larger flowing body of water. Tributaries can be helpful if you are lost while kayaking down a small stream. If it is a known tributary, you should contin