Chapter One-river Valley Civilizations

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Chapter One-river Valley Civilizations - Quiz

This quiz is geared to assessing your understanding of the concepts and facts in the first unit of study in AP World History.  

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  • 1. 
    The people of Mesopotamia faced many challenges posed by the geography of their environs.  List three problems they encountered based on the geography of the area and provide an explanation as to their attempts to better manage their environment
  • 2. 
    Often in history you will hear the term "the west" or "the western world."  How did that concept of "the western world" develop over time?
  • 3. 
    The Sumerians (Mesopotamia) were polytheistic yet they did not see all gods and goddesses as equal.  Describe their beliefs about their anthropomorphic gods.
  • 4. 
    The Sumerians were a patriarchal society.  Describe its organization in two or three sentences.
  • 5. 
    Once they had firmly established themselves as a society, how did the Mesopotamians spread their culture to other areas?
  • 6. 
    Hammurabi's Code of Law is a famous and far-reaching concept of law and order. It had two very distinct characteristics centered on the principles of social status/gender and having the punishment fit the crime. To demonstrate your understanding of the Code of Law, compare the punishments of an equal crime for each of the men listed below:1) Merchant and wealthy son of an office holder in Sumeria2) Field worker and laborer Each man is accused of murdering his neighbor in two different crimes.  What could be the pushiment for each according to the Code of Law?
  • 7. 
    The Neolithic Period of history is marked historically by
    • A. 

      A change in the way humans provided food for themselves

    • B. 

      A change in the way humans made and used tools

    • C. 

      The use of iron in their tools

    • D. 

      None of the above

    • E. 

      All of the above

  • 8. 
    The Iceman discovered in 1991 was a major find from the ancient world.  The mystery of this human have kept scientists busy since his discovery.  It was originally believed he was lost in a massive storm of some sort and froze to death. What was recently discovered about him that altered that story?
    • A. 

      A bite mark was discovered on the bone of his leg

    • B. 

      An arrow head was discovered lodged in his shoulder

    • C. 

      A bullet hole was discovered in his skull

  • 9. 
    Stonehenge is truly the remants of an early civilization believed to have been centered in
    • A. 

      Persia and its surroundings

    • B. 

      Ancient China and its surroundings

    • C. 

      Great Britain and its surroundings

  • 10. 
    One of the most famous "inventions" from the Mesopotamian culture was a form of sanscrit known as
    • A. 


    • B. 


    • C. 


  • 11. 
    Hammurabi's most famous accomplishment was his
    • A. 

      Mighty military strength

    • B. 

      Patriarchal society

    • C. 

      Code of Law

  • 12. 
    Population density refers to
    • A. 

      A ratio of the population relative to a given geographic area

    • B. 

      How "dense" or "unintelligent" a group of people may be

  • 13. 
    The marker in history that determines the move from Paleolithic/Mesolithic Periods to the Neolithic period was
    • A. 

      The advent of intentional planting

    • B. 

      The use of metals in tool making

    • C. 

      The establishment of governing bodies in tribes

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