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Related Topics

  • What Landform region has the oldest mountains?
    What Landform region has the oldest mountains?
    The answer is letter B. The landform region which has the oldest mountains is the Appalachian Mountains. It is a system of mountains found in the eastern part of North America and is believed to have formed roughly 480 million years ago during the Ordovician Period or the second period of the Paleozoic Era. The Appalachian Mountains consists of these thirteen provinces: the Eastern Newfoundland Atlantic, Western Newfoundland Mountains, Adirondack provinces, Saint Lawrence Valley,Appalachian Plateaus, Maritime Acadian Highlands, New England province, Notre Dame and Mégantic Mountains, Atlantic Coast Uplands, Blue Ridge, Piedmont, Valley and Ridge and the Maritime Plain. The Appalachian Mountains are mainly made of sedimentary rocks although there are several areas wherein igneous and metamorphic rocks can be found from volcanic activities.

  • What surrounds the large body of water?
    What surrounds the large body of water?

  • What is a canyon?
    What is a canyon?
    A deep narrow valley with steep sides that can have a river that flows through it.Awesome!! That is correct!

  • What is a landform?
    What is a landform?
    A natural land shape or feature. In simpler terms, a landform is any natural geographical shape found on the earth's surface, such as mountains, hills, and valleys. Not all landforms are same as it depends on how they are formed.  Landforms are formed by Constructive and Destructive Processes.

  • What are Canada's 7 Landforms? There are seven possible answers.
    What are Canada's 7 Landforms? There are seven possible answers.
    Western Cordillera Interior Plains Innuitian Mountains Canadian Shield Great Lakes St. Lawrence Lowlands Appalachian Mountains Hudson Bay Artic Lowlands

  • How might a mountain become a plain over a long time? Explain your answer in complete sentences below.
    How might a mountain become a plain over a long time? Explain your answer in complete sentences below.
    Because of erosion process,landslides

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