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A landform is a natural or artificial formation of the solid surface of Earth. There are various types of landforms, each having a different structure and effects on the life of living organisms. This quiz will demonstrate the...

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    Deep valley with very steep sides:

Test your knowledge of the landforms vocabulary.

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    An area of land surrounded by water on all sides.

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    A deep valley with very steep sides:

Type your first and last name in the name boxes correctly.  This means, in the first box, capitalize the first letter of your first name only! In the second box, capitalize the first letter of your last name only.  If...

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This quiz is about landforms.

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    What do you call a low plain built up by mud and a sand deposited at the mouth of a river?

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Landform Questions & Answers

What Landform region has the oldest mountains?
The answer is letter B. The landform region which has the oldest mountains is the Appalachian Mountains. It is a system of mountains found in the eastern part of North America and is believed to have formed roughly 480 million years ago during the Or
What is a canyon?
A deep narrow valley with steep sides that can have a river that flows through it.Awesome!! That is correct!
What is a landform?
A natural land shape or feature. In simpler terms, a landform is any natural geographical shape found on the earth's surface, such as mountains, hills, and valleys. Not all landforms are same as it depends on how they are formed.  Landforms are