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Do you think you are ready for our rain quizzes? The rain makes a lot of people grumpy, and comforts others. It is weather most of us are familiar with, whatever your opinion on it. Are you ready to take your knowledge of rain to a whole new level? Maybe you think you know a thing or two about rain already. Challenge yourself today and have a go at our fantastic rain quizzes!

What is the average rainfall in the United Kingdom in a year? What about in Saudi Arabia? How exactly is rain produced? Do you know the answers to these questions? These are just a few of the many you will be confronted with. Are you ready for the quiz? Yes, we thought so! Take some shelter, sit back and enjoy!
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    A tropical cyclone is a

Do you know about water and weather? The water cycle is powered by energy from the sun. Liquid water is evaporated then changed into a gas. During this process, energy is absorbed. The gaseous vapor rises and circulates in the...

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    Water that falls in drops from clouds.

Acid rain is caused when sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides are released into the air, which can rise very high into the atmosphere and mix with water, oxygen, and other chemicals to form acidic pollutants. Take this quiz to see...

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    What is sulfur dioxide?

Quick quiz on Chapter 10 of How to Read Literature Like a Professor.

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    What purpose does rain serve within a story?

In this Quiz, you will test your knowledge and understanding of the course so far. Evaluation of your answers to the quiz will help you progress to the next level of competency.

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    1. Rain Forest environments are found


Rain Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Global Warming And Acid Rain?
Foremost, global warming can be said to be an occurrence whereby the average temperature of the earth's climate experience a higher rate. The cause of this is majorly due to the increased value of the naturally occurring substances in the atmosphere.
Why cities on opposite sides of a mountain receive different amounts of rain?
The orographic effect is known to be the change in the atmospheric conditions even if there are two cities that are just separated by mountains. The change may be caused by the mountain itself mainly because of the change in elevation. There are ins
What is the difference between Thunder and Lightning?
When a thunderstorm is brewing, thunder is the big performer when the sound of the bursting clouds in the sky, while lightning is the form of electricity that can be seen in the air—thunder booms as a sound in the clouds, which also produces el
How can you tell if it is about to rain?
Apart from going to school for several years to study the science of weather patterns and meteorology, there are a few simpler tricks to tell if it is about to rain. The first trick does not always work but it is the simplest. Is it cloudy and are th