Top Rain Quizzes & Trivia

Do you think you are ready for our rain quizzes? The rain makes a lot of people grumpy, and comforts others. It is weather most of us are familiar with, whatever your opinion on it. Are you ready to take your knowledge of rain to a whole new level? Maybe you think you know a thing or two about rain already. Challenge yourself today and have a go at our fantastic rain quizzes!

What is the average rainfall in the United Kingdom in a year? What about in Saudi Arabia? How exactly is rain produced? Do you know the answers to these questions? These are just a few of the many you will be confronted with. Are you ready for the quiz? Yes, we thought so! Take some shelter, sit back and enjoy!

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  • What is sulfur dioxide?

  • What does SO2 (sulphur dioxide) and NOX (nitrous oxides)makes?

  • Can acid rain go undetected in an area for years?

  • Where is Rain Lake?
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  • What was the nickname that Lizze had for her step-father?
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  • When was the only time that Lizzie could see the ghosts on Rain Island?
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  • What purpose does rain serve within a story?

  • In the ending line of James Joyces "The Dead" snow falls "upon all the living and the dead." This line employs snow as what?   

  • Which element do authors commonly use ironically?

  • Who has a bank account that could choke a donkey ?

  • Who is self-described as a long lanky bean pole with stringy brown hair?

  • Who is the hairy, toothy Hawaiian King Kong?