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The Famous Eruption of Mount Vesuvius, in 79 AD, the 1906 San Francisco Earthquake, the 1931 Central China Floods, the Hindenburg, all of these are among the most disastrous events ever recorded in human history. But these are only a few of them. Human history unfortunately has a lot more events such as these. We have some questions for you and the more right answers you give, the better.

What were the names of the two cities obliterated by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD? What is considered to be the worst industrial disaster ever to occur in human history? About how much of San Francisco was destroyed in 1906 due to fires and earthquakes? If you know these then you are ready to try out the full disaster quiz.
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    Tornadoes can negatively affect an ecosystem when -

Classify the following hazards into the appropriate grouping: - Safety hazard - Health hazard organisational - Health hazard biological - Health hazard physical - Health hazard chemical

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    A fine powder is released when photocopier is loaded.

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    As a disaster worker you will be expected to work in which of the following areas?

Your disaster preparedness responsibilities: Attend all required safety training, and read and understand the Safety section of the CATS' manual and the Continuity of Operations/ Disaster Preparedness (COOP)...

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    The Continuity of Operations/Disaster Preparedness (COOP) Plan is organization-wide in scope and encompasses all programs. The purpose of the program is to provide mechanisms for effectively responding to a variety of emergencies and disasters that may occur within the organization, at sites where our programs are hosted, and in the community.

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    As the magnitude of natural disasters increases their frequency of occurrence

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Disaster Questions & Answers

How has the Chernobyl meltdown affected wildlife and flora?
Radiation exposure has caused genetic damage and increased mutation rates in many organisms in the Chernobyl region. Some species have shown high mutation rates, such as the barn swallow, the icterine warbler, and the Eurasian blackcap. Birds and mam
Why was Pripyat evacuated after Chernobyl?
Pripyat was once a conceptual design city built by the Soviet government and was constructed in 1970. The workers of the nuclear power plant inhabited the town. There was an explosion at the nuclear plant. It was reported that people had severe heada
Why are hurricanes so common in the Caribbean?
Hurricane occurs mostly in the Hurricane belt. Hurricane belt is a region the Atlantic Ocean that is greatly affected by hurricane. This region includes the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. Hurricane needs warm water of the tropic regions to fee
Why is Yellowstone National Park so special to geologists?
In 1872, the Congress of the United States created the first national park in the world. Yellowstone National Park occupies the homonym plateau in the northwestern US. The view is breathtaking and incredibly varied. There are canyons, waterfalls, mes
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