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  • At the first sign of a storm, you should:

  • What are some actions you can take to ensure your pet’s safety?

  • What items belong in your pet emergency kit?

  • As a disaster worker you will be expected to work in which of the following areas?
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  • In the ICS (Incident Command System) model, what area is the nursing over-site of the Medical Shelter under?
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  • Who decides to open a Medical Shelter?
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  • CM-0019 pertains to only local disasters

  • In the event that individual communications centers, outside of the company would be utilized, the bases on a local level would

  • If there is no loss of communication the Communication Supervisor will not need to make any notifications

  • A fine powder is released when photocopier is loaded.
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  • A computer situated under strong lights has no glare screen on the monitor.
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  • The floor in the staff room is wet after being wet.
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