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Do you know a tundra from a taiga? Can you explain what makes a savanna different from a prairie? Why aren’t there more plants and animals that live in alpine environments? And just how can Antarctica be a desert – all that ice is just frozen water, isn’t it? If you know the answers to these questions, you probably know quite a bit about biomes.

Biomes make up the world we live in – not to mention all the parts of the planet where we’d never want to live! If you feel confident that you know your terrestrial biomes from your aquatic, and if you think you know where on a map you could find an estuary or some chaparral, take our quiz and prove that you are a world expert on the world itself!
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A biome is a community of plants and animals with common characteristics for the environment from which they exist in and these environments can be terrestrial, cold and windy or polar. This animals or plants have developed...

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  • Sample Question
    What is a biome?

This quiz will help you to study for your biomes quiz.  Some answers will be short answer, others will be multiple choice.  On the quiz, you will only have fill in the blank with a word bank.

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  • Sample Question
    Name the biome that has low temperatures and permafrost

Hey there! What society is to us biome is to nature. Biomes are extremely important in nature and every part of the biome is symbiotic. One small change and the entire biome suffers. This quiz will give you a substantial amount...

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following is NOT one of Earth's major terrestrial biomes?

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  • Sample Question
    Which one of the following does NOT describe the tundra?

Don't cheat - this test concentrates only on biomagnification as that is all we looked at in class - pretty easy

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  • Sample Question
    What is the other way of saying "Biological Magnification"

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Biome Questions & Answers

What biome do we live in?
There are different types of biomes that are available in this world. The biome that you live in will depend on your current location. There are some who live in the grasslands while there are also some who live in the desert. Some are perfectly fine
What is the largest terrestrial biome on Earth?
The largest terrestrial biome on earth is the taiga. This is defined as being a forest that has a lot of evergreens and coniferous trees. These don’t lose their leaves over the winter. There are many pockets of this kind of territory over the e
What is the major cause of magnification?
The major cause of magnification in a microscope is due to the refraction of light by lenses. Refraction happens when light travels through space with a changing index of refraction. The simplest of refraction cases happen when there is an interface
Which animal would be found in a biome that has cold, moderate winters, warm summers, fertile soils, and is home to a variety of vegetation, such as coniferous trees, broadleaf deciduos trees, and...
There are seven biomes, and the one you describe fits temperate forests and also grassland. This biome suits a wide variety of mammals, insects and birds. For instance, deer, bears, and wolves. Many small mammals are well suited here, and among the
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