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Biome Questions & Answers

What biome do we live in?
There are different types of biomes that are available in this world. The biome that you live in will depend on your current location. There are some who live in the grasslands while there are also some who live in the desert. Some are perfectly fine
What is the largest terrestrial biome on Earth?
The largest terrestrial biome on earth is the taiga. This is defined as being a forest that has a lot of evergreens and coniferous trees. These don’t lose their leaves over the winter. There are many pockets of this kind of territory over the e
Can you name the biome that has low temperatures and permafrost?
Tundra biomeThis is because it occurs high on mountainous area .Needs atleast 10 degrees to grow plants.Less productive and species poor.The ground hs permafrost and when it melts it becomes marshes.... fertile soils