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  • What is the difference between King Crab and Snow Crab | King Crab vs Snow Crab?
    What is the difference between King Crab and Snow Crab | King Crab vs Snow Crab?
    King crab and snow crab are two different types of crabs. They do have a lot of similarities when you look at both of the king crab and the snow crab. Of course, they are both crabs, and they both like to live in cold places like in the north Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. The appearance of the two crabs is different because the King Crab is spiky, whereas the snow crab is much smoother in appearance. Also, there are an unusual amount of legs each. The king crabs walk on six legs. The snow crabs walk on 10 pins. King crabs have a harder shell than the snow crabs. However, the snow crab seems more delicate because its legs are skinnier than the king crab’s legs.

  • What is the difference between Snow and Ice?
    What is the difference between Snow and Ice?
    Ice and snow are both made out of the water which can make people assume that these two are the same, but actually, they are not the same. Snow comes from the atmospheric vapor that falls from the sky during winter. They may come down like snowflakes that can be a sight to behold, especially if you would look at them closely or under a microscope as no two snowflakes are the same. Ice is the term that you will use to describe water that has been frozen. There are some people who may try to eat snow, and while no one has been seriously sick because of doing this, you do not know exactly how to clean snow is.

  • What is the difference between Snow and Hail?
    What is the difference between Snow and Hail?
    There is a big difference between Hail and snow. Specifically in terms of size, hail and snow are not the same, although the two are frozen crystalline state of water. When you are talking about snow, you are referring to one or more tiny ice crystals dropped during snowfall. But hail is typically different in that, it is a whole lot bigger than a pure ice crystal or snow. What set the difference is their pattern of formation. Snow is formed when water vapor is cooled and directly turned to solid through deposition process i.e there is no liquid state. Snow can occur during rainfall and it can also form during thunderstorm. Depending on the temperature, humidity, and other conditions within the cloud, there are about 80 possible formations of snow, meaning there are different types of snow crystal formation. But when it comes to hail formation, it only happens during thunderstorm. The balls of ice through precipitation that hail represent can also be formed in cumulonimbus clouds.

  • Have you ever been in the snow?
    Have you ever been in the snow?
    I have been in the snow because I used to live in a colder place that was located further north. Now, I live in a place that is warmer. However, it is not warm enough that we do not get snow. We have gotten a little snow and some ice last winter. There have been times when I was driving in the snow, but that has not been a lot because it is not safe to do that. When I get to be in the snow, I will make snow angels by laying down in the snow and waving my arms. Also, I like to make snowmen in the snow. However, the snow melts fast where I live because it gets warm fast too.