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There's something about a beach that can move the soul and bring a smile to the face. Just spending time on a beach watching gulls flying overhead, and watching the sun slowly set, can recharge the batteries and make the world seem a great place. Have you ever thought about how beaches are formed, or how old some of the sand beneath your toes really is?
Don't be a beach bum, take our beach quizzes and have fun, fun, fun. Where is the most popular beach in the United States? What is the most common component in a beach? Who starred in the Hollywood film entitled 'The Beach'? We have lots of beach questions, but let's see if you can come up with the answers.

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  • What colour are you most likely to wear? 

  • You can only leave for the beach with one of the following items (as well as the standard bottle of water and sun tan lotion), what do you choose?

  • Pick one word that best describes you.

  • What is the best tone of “Dover Beach”?
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  • “ Only, from the long line of spray” is an example of what?
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  • “Listen! you hear the grating roar” is an example of what?
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  • What are the grooming standards assessed by LQA? 

  •  True or False, LQA standards evaluate how clearly you use English?

  •  True or False, LQA standards expects you to be natural, friendly and interested in your guests

  • Which of the following are native New Jersians?