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Gather up the kids and take them on an exciting wildlife adventure with these fun quizzes! We still don’t know everything there is to know about the animal kingdom but we do have the privilege of learning new, fun, weird, and exciting things on a regular basis.

Find out just how much you and your little ones know with this family friendly wildlife quizzes. How many pounds of meat can a wolf eat in one sitting? What do goldfish need to keep their color? What bird can only eat if its head is upside down? Which primary color attracts mosquitoes more than any other color on the color wheel? Fun, interesting, and weird facts like these could prove to be useful! Test your knowledge of wildlife today and let the learning begin.

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    Spiders aren't insects, instead they fall under what?

Do you want to know how to properly survive in the wild? If so, then this quiz will teach you a few things about how to survive, such as how to start a fire, and what kind of materials to use in order to build a shelter. Take...

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    Which material is the best to build a shelter with?

April 10-16, 2011 is National Wildlife Week!!!Go wild and learn about the amazing wildlife that call the Northwest Territories home!

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    Muskox are well adapted for life in the north. And they have to be - their home is covered with snow for eight months a year! Which of the following is a muskox adaptation?  

This is a very important logic to have skills in order to survive anywhere especially in the wild. Find out and take this quiz to sort what's the best survival method you should do.

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    Do you love challenges?

In this short quiz of 25 questions, you can practice the vocabulary of the first page and section 10.1 (Raised by animals) of Total English Pre-Intermediate Unit 10 WILDLIFE. Have fun!

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    As quiet as a ... .

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Wildlife Questions & Answers

Are there any green ducks (if so, what are they called)?
Well my student counted all the ducks and the answer was one?! no it is four because the question said how many ducks are in the story kids are not that smart you know
Which of the following is a muskox adaptation if Muskox are well adapted for life in the north and they have to be - their home is covered with snow for eight months a year?
All of the above Muskoxen have a two-layered coat with helps them stay warm, including their tail which is hidden beneath the coat. In fact, the entire animal is covered except for their horns, hooves, lips and nose. And their rounded, sharp-rimme