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Why should we conserve our resources?
We should conserve our resources so that we can live life to the fullest. Think of it like this: you and three friends are stranded on a small island. You have enough food for all four of you to survive for a week if you conserve the food and eat a s
What is the correlation between natural resources and economic growth?
There is a huge correlation between economic growth and the natural resources that a country possesses. Simply put, without natural resources such as oil and coal, most of the industries in the world will shut down and the production will be stopped.
What is the most precious natural resource?
In my opinion, the most precious natural resource is the sunlight. This is a natural resource that is renewable, which means that it won't get degraded with time. For as long as the earth is revolving around its axis, the sun will continue to provide
Why is Africa so under-developed inspite of rich natural resources?
Having natural resources is not the key to becoming a rich country. There are various other factors that determine whether the economy of a country would grow or not. Frankly speaking, even Pakistan has huge reserves of oil in its Balochistan state.