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It is that time of the year again when nature recovers, flowers and quiz start to pop up and questions have to be answered. One of our greener quizzes is right here ready for you to grab the lovely multicolored questions that come with it. Be gentle with them, pick them up, feel them and then give us the correct answer.

What is the element that gives the green color to leaves? What is the part of a plant in which photosynthesis mainly takes place? In which family of plants do we include the rose? To which region on the globe is the Cook Pine endemic? You think you can answer even more questions... Find out by taking our plant related quiz now.
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Welcome to a whole new angiosperms quiz. You have to label the right parts of the flower. By the end of the quiz, you will have your scorecard, so, let's see how much flower anatomy knowledge you carry.

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 17859   |  Last updated: Oct 7, 2020

In the following quiz, we’re going to be looking at monocotyledons and dicotyledons. Monocots are flowering plants whose seeds usually only contain one embryonic leaf, hence the name. In a similar vein, dicotyledons only...

Questions: 14  |  Attempts: 5336   |  Last updated: Dec 22, 2020

Whether you are studying horticulture in college or just fancy yourself a decent gardener, this quiz will really separate the kids from the adults when it comes to knowledge on plant life. How much do you know about the...

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 3310   |  Last updated: Jun 19, 2020
  • Sample Question
    What plants have spines instead of leaves?


Questions: 18  |  Attempts: 1226   |  Last updated: Dec 24, 2020
  • Sample Question
    The graph shows how the rate of photosynthesis in a plant varies with light intensity at two different carbon dioxide concentrations. The temperature is kept constant at 20 °C. Which factor is limiting the rate of photosynthesis at point X?  

This is a quiz about plants and their functions.

Questions: 6  |  Attempts: 8387   |  Last updated: Jun 19, 2020
  • Sample Question
    Which is NOT part of a plant?

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Plant Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Herbicides and Pesticides?
Pesticides are chemicals or biological agents, and they were created to repel or terminate any pests. Pesticides have another advantage in which there are many different kinds. The grouping of pesticides often depends on the type of organism they tar
What is the difference between Black Oak and Red Oak?
The oak tree is a deciduous tree, often referred to as the majestic tree can live up to 200 years. The black and red oak are two familiar types of an oak tree. When the leaves change color in the fall, the red oak tree leaves turn red. The red oak tr
Which graph shows the effect of temperature on the rate of photosynthesis?
The answer is D. The rate of photosynthesis keeps rising until 40 degrees Celsius. Above the temperature of 40 degrees, the enzymes responsible for photosynthesis lose their shape and cannot synthesize glucose anymore. Hence photosynthesis experienc
What is the difference between Agave and Aloe?
Agave is a plant that belongs to the family of Asparagaceae, and it has over 208 different spices. They range from 6 inches to 10 feet tall. Some of the agave species has sharp pointy leaves with curled fibers on its end. Aloe, also known as Aloe ver
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