Plant And Animal Cell Quizzes & Trivia

Welcome to the topic of plant and animal cell organelles. The cell of a human or plant is the smallest functional and structural unit. Everyone is taught about cells back in high school. Now you are expected to be able to...

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    What controls most of the cell processes and contains the genetic information of DNA.

A quiz on animal and plant cells as well as mitosis. Prepared by shahab yasin and cam sally

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    A cell wall in a plant cell is...

Test your knowledge on plant cells and animal cells by answering the following multiple choice questions. 

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    What organelle does a plant cell have that an animal cell does not have, that supports the cell and is the outer most layer?

Plant And Animal Cell Questions & Answers

Which organelle makes food?
This is poorly phrased and should be changed to say which organelle makes sugars.As a freshman in biology my teacher has always said ribosomes help with food sources while chloroplasts make sugars not food/
Which organisms do not possess cell wall?
In animal cell you cant find cell wall because animal cell alredy have cell membrane is kinda samething cell wall,But the diffrences is that plant cell have both... so peace...................................
What regulates what enters and leaves the cell and provides protection and support?
Both plant and animal cells conain organelles such as mitochondria,endoplasmic reticulum, golgi apparatus, lysosomes, and peroxisomes and the nucleus but they have different needs. Plants need chloroplasts - necessary for photosynthesis - whereas ani