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Test your ability to identify these common trees in the United States.

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    Known for its peculiar leaf shape and interesting form, this tree's foliage turns a vibrant yellow in the autumn. The female tree is infamous for its smelly fruit.  This hardy tree thrives all over the United States! It is perfect for urban areas… it won’t be bothered by smog and other pollution.

This quiz is to test your knowledge on the material that was presented in class.You should be able to identify the different types of leaves and their characteristics. 

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    What type of tree does this leaf come from?

These questions deal with evolutionary trees.  Consult your notes. REMEMBER:  PERIOD# followed by FIRST & LAST NAME

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    The evolutionary pathways of five species are represented in the diagram below. Which statement is supported by the diagram?  

They are all so different looking. But which one are you? Based on yourself, this quiz pairs you up with one of five magnicifenct trees to get!

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    If you were a tree, your leaves would be what color?

How much do you know about plants? Find out with our fun plant quiz for kids. Find questions and answers related to a range of topics

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    Which fruit is also known as Chinese gooseberry?

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Tree Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Black and Honey Locust Trees?
Black locust and Honey locust are types of trees that grow in warm climatic regions. Black locust is also called false acacia or yellow locust. The botanic name of the black locust is "Robinia pseudoacacia." There are about ten known specie
What was peytons stalkers real name?
He raped me... Real bad!