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  • How much does it cost to stay in ambleside for 2weeks?
    How much does it cost to stay in ambleside for 2weeks?
    Can some one please tell me how this is done for £15!!!

  • What is a lake?
    What is a lake?
    Lakes are large water bodies that are completely surrounded by land. Lakes can be incredibly large or quite small too. Some lakes appear like oceans because you can’t see the surrounding land, however, they are still considered to be lakes because they do have a shoreline around them. Some lakes are made naturally by erosion and consistent rainfall whereas others are man made. A large hole is dug out in the ground and water fills the hole. Many people use lakes for recreational purposes such as skiing and swimming. Moreover, people also like to live near lakes for the natural beauty. There are different types of lakes including tectonic lakes, volcanic lakes, glacial lakes and fluvial lakes.

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