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What is a variance threshold for costs or other indicators to indicate the agreed amount of variation allowed called?
The answer to this is C. Control threshold is often described as the limit of the project. For example, there might be a threshold in the finances that will be used for a certain project. This means that it can only reach up to that certain amount an
Which of the following is an Input to Monitor and Control Project Work?
Work Performance InformationWork Performance InformationWork Performance InformationWork Performance Information
What is an appropriate way of handling conflicts? Being assigned as a project manager, you noticed during executing that conflicts arise in the team on both, technical and interpersonal level.
No office atmosphere is every perfect. When people come together, there may be some that do not get along. Instead of letting this low morale continue, it is important for the project manager to do something about it. When these people were little,
Which of the following are reasons that projects frequently do not meet customer expectations?
Customer satisfaction depends upon a project, product or service meeting their expectations. This will fail if the technical aspects are inadequate, that is, the product or service did not perform the explicit and implicit expectations of performance