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This is a council which is independent of states and acts as a very important body within its field. National Council for Interior Design Qualification was set up with the specific goal of identifying people of value in this field and differentiates them from the ones that cannot actually bring something new to the business.
It is an independent of state and provincial credentialing bodies, which provides the North American public with the means to identify interior designers who have demonstrated what? One hundred percent of the Examination covers those aspects of the practice of interior design that affect what? CIDQ is an organization of regulatory boards and provincial associations in the United States and Canada whose core purpose is to protect what? Make a move and see how well you can score.
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Chapters 5, 21, 23, 26 were my assigned Review Chapters for Review #2

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     When creating a drawings that will be used for reproduction in a magazine, it is best to use

This is sample multiple choice questions from Ch. 8, 10, 12, 14, and 15 (the chapters I was assigned in my study group).  I wanted to combine them so they could be shuffled.Word Bank for Fill-In the Blank Questions: ...

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    A client has asked a designer to create an intimate seating area for a hospital waiting room.  Which of the following is likely to have the greatest impact on achieving a client's goal?

More sample NCIDQ Questions.  Good Luck!

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    A critical step in the design programming process is:

Sample NCIDQ Prep Questions

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    You are designing a small office that measures 24'-0" x 16'-0".  The total budget for FFE is $15,000.  You have spent $12,400 for the furniture and equipment and $1500 for painting and wall covering (including installation).  How much a yard (installed) can you spend on the carpet?

More multiple choice questions to prep for the NCIDQ

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    The flooring contractor you have engaged to install ceramic tile in your client's house does not show up at the appointed time, rushes through the job doing sub-standard work, and leaves a mess in the client's house.  Your client leaves an angry message on your answering machine and blames you.  Your best course of action is to

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What product or material the contractor must use by using brand names?
This definition is wrong. A proprietary specification is one that uses brand names (which the question is asking here)Prescriptive specifications are specifications that must follow a set of rules.
How could a quick-sketch perspective drawing most easily be made?
The correct answer to this question is Using a perspective grid. This tool would be used in the software Adobe Illustrator. Using a perspective grid allows the creator to have a scene represented on a flat surface. This representation is how it would