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  • What should you say before eating?
    What should you say before eating?
    In Japanese it is spelled like "いただきます” Or the "romanized" version is itadakimasu (ま= Ma す = Su. Masu is a polite particle in the language.

  • What is the difference between LCHF and Keto?
    What is the difference between LCHF and Keto?
    The LCHF diet is known to be a type of diet that is different from the keto diet but they are somewhat similar to each other. Some people usually do the LCHF diet first before they transition into the keto diet because they feel that this is easier for them. The LCHF diet is known to be good because it can gradually decrease and increase the carb intake that you may have. When you are doing a keto diet, this means that your carb intake is low all the time. Ketogenic dieters believe that carbs cause fat to have a negative impact on their bodies. They would try their best to eat as much protein as they can if possible.

  • Why can't some people refrain themselves from eating all the time?
    Why can't some people refrain themselves from eating all the time?
    Some people have poor impulse control. They have a hard time censoring themselves in many areas and this may include eating. However, there might be a more serious and uncontrollable reason why you can’t stop eating. A few common reasons that someone may not be able to stop eating include: 1) you went to bed too late; skimping on sleep can actual mess with your hunger hormones and kick them into overdrive. 2) You are eating the wrong foods; eating foods high in sugar and carbs might leave you feeling hungry much sooner than if you are eating foods that are more protein oriented. 3) You are eating low fat and fat free foods; some fat can be good for the body. Unsaturated fat, for example, is a good fat that can make you feel fuller when you eat it.

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