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How much do you really know about Slinkies, Play-Doh, and Barbie Dolls? When was the last time you picked up a Yo-Yo, or really paid attention to the latest novelty your kids keep begging for? Flashback to your own childhood with these trivia quizzes about toys! Loaded down with all kinds of fun and interesting facts, these quizzes have a little something for everyone to enjoy.

In 1966 little cooks could make bubblegum using what machine? What kid friendly gooey stuff has kept their ingredients a secret for the last 46 years? John Lloyd Wright invented which toy? What doll collection created the first walking dolls? Which toy’s magic ingredient is aluminum-powder? In 1952, what was the first children’s toy advertised on television? Uncover the joys of playing with toys once again and enjoy a fun afternoon taking these quizzes!
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    What dolls called "the only girls with a passion for fashion" were introduced in 2001?

How much do you know about toys? Take our quiz and find out now!

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    What product is Crayola famous for?

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    1. A customer-based Service Level Agreement structure includes: 

Select the correct choice for each of the following questions and score a perfect!

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    "Lincoln Logs", interlocking toy logs originally made of wood, were invented in 1916 by?

Youll find out if your a ji i joe barbie webkinz any kind

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    What is your fave color?

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Toy Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Robotyrannus and Roboreptile?
Robotyrannus and Roboreptile are toys produced by a toy company called WowWee, Ltd. They are robust toys that were released in the second half of 2006. They are both available in different colors and can be brought from any store, auction set, and on
What is a fidget spinner?
The fidget spinner is a type of toy that has been produced for different purposes. This is meant to be used by those who are suffering from ADHD, autism, and anxiety. Yet, the fact still remains that a lot of schools do not allow the use of this toy,
How can one design a paper airplane?
Making a paper airplane is a lot of fun and can entertain children and adults alike for extended periods of time. Paper airplanes can range from the very simple to incredibly complex. One thing you will want to have on hand is a sturdy, thin and flat