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  • Why was Cat Mario even made?
    Why was Cat Mario even made?
    Cat Mario is the english name. It's real name is Syobon Action . The frustating excuse of a game. It was made for a college project by some dude named chiku. Now if you don't know, he's Japanese. The problem is Japs love a good challenge. It initially had 3 levels but he developed three more. Why he made it is a mystery though. Some men just wanna watch the world burn, I guess. It was based on Super Mario 3D.

  • Is Doki Doki Literature Club the scariest game of all time?
    Is Doki Doki Literature Club the scariest game of all time?
    Well, some people who've NEVER played a scary game in their life they might think it's scary, but I don't think it's scary. If you want to know how my experience went...well...all I'll say is I kinda got a little sad at the ending of act 1... Well, it seemed like a normal visual novel that had typical anime stuff happening right? Examples of those things would be: A tsundere, A typical male protagonist, girls with large breasts, Odd colored hair, a childhood friend, and most importantly: where the heck is the parents?! Well...this might be true...but the game took some VERY dark turns....but before I talk about the darkness of the game let me explain how the typical anime cliches work with DDLC: A tsundere: Well. Natsuki is a tsundere but it would only show if you called her cute or something although her tsundere self also showed when MC said how good Natsuki's cupcakes were. Typical Male Protag: you know EXACTLY who I'm talking about, the boy you play as in the game aka MC. Odd colored hair: well..yeah obviously weird colored hair is a thing in anime and well you can VISIBLY see how this applies to DDLC... Cough Sayori, Yuri and Natsuki Cough Girls with large breasts: Well... I say girls but the one that this applies to is Yuri. Childhood friend: Yup...the classic childhood friend thing...this obviously applies to Sayori. Where the heck are the parents?: Yup...everyone always asks this question when they watch an anime...but the thing is the only parent in DDLC that's mentioned is Natsuki's dad...but what about the other girl's parents and MC's parents? What happened to the parents!?   SPOILER ALERT: DON'T READ ON IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS Now time to get into the darkness of DDLC: Basically, it seems cute and innocent at first but ending of act 1 and starting at 2 is when you finally figure out that it ain't a cute and innocent visual novel, but find out that it's a dark and (possibly) scary one. The dark parts are things such as self-harm, suicide, depression, and all that kind of stuff. Obviously, some people may be sensitive to seeing these types of things which is why the game gives you a warning in the start it basically says that you shouldn't play DDLC if you're under 13 or easily disturbed. Here's one of the darker things that happened in the game: So...Sayori or Yuri confesses to you right? matter which way you go they'll still die, Monika even explains why Sayori had blood on her hands when she was hanging...she said it was because Sayori tried to save herself at the last few minutes...but failed and just ended up choking to death or something like that...apparently she wasn't high enough where she'd die quicker so instead her death was slow and painful...

  • Which is the most expensive gaming computer?
    Which is the most expensive gaming computer?
    The most expensive gaming computer in the world today is the 8 Pack Orion X that is developed and built by Overclockers UK which is located in Britian. This luxurious gaming computer is one that will cost a cool $30,000 brand new. The 8 Pack Orion X is fully customized and consists of two seperate high end systems which are then combined into the device. With all of the hardware that is compressed into one space, the 8 Pack Orion X uses the ever so popular liquid cooling system that is becoming more and more popular in computers these days. Three graphics cards come here and there is a port to allow for a fourth one to be added. When it comes to the overlocking of computers and getting everything out of every inch of space, the 8 Pack Orion X certainl;y shows that very fast computers can be forced and made out of compact shells and spaces.

  • Is there any correlation between first-person shooter games and school gun violence?
    Is there any correlation between first-person shooter games and school gun violence?
      No, there’s not. Sure, the thrill of shooting guns in a video game can become addictive due to all the realist arcade and gaming console games present today. However, that doesn’t justify school gun violence can be attributed to simply video games. I believe video games have been made into the scapegoat, something to put the blame on for gun violence. More than 500 million people play games worldwide, are they all terrorists? There are real problems in this country that are responsible for that; the first one being "Why are civilians carrying guns?". Other than that, there are social issues in schools like bullying, social rejection, clashing egos, violent peer pressure, egoistic teachers etc. More than 50% of school shooting perpetrators have confessed bullying from peers and teachers as their motive for their horrendous acts. Stop blaming video-games for the education system's and parents' inefficiency at raising children properly and the government for lenient gun laws.

  • Why is video gaming looked down upon in our society?
    Why is video gaming looked down upon in our society?
    At first, when video games were invented, I don’t think that video games were necessarily frowned upon. However, over time, I think that kids have started to play more and more hours of this activity. Parents get worried that their child will be addicted to it or they feel that their children could spend better time like doing homework or going outside and running around. Parents worry that even two hours a day spent on playing video games is too much because they might not get their homework done. Some children spend too much time playing video games that they get obese because now they are no longer exercising. Sometimes, parents will put restrictions on the amount of time their children spend playing video games each night.

  • What sport do you have the most fun playing video games in (and why)?
    What sport do you have the most fun playing video games in (and why)?
    I have enjoyed playing ice hockey and table tennis the most in the form of a video game. I would prefer to play the sport in person, but if I can’t I would play them in video games. If you play the video games where you move and not just sit down with a controller, I think that it is worthwhile because it does have some exercise to it. Ice hockey is fun because you can shoot the puck into the net and you don’t have to tie on your skates. Table tennis is fun on a video game because you don’t have to have the equipment or find another person to play against. Instead, you can turn on the television and play it on the video game machine.

  • What is the best video game console of all time (and why)?
    What is the best video game console of all time (and why)?
    Based on my experiences with video games, I would have to say that the best video game console is the one that I used during my childhood. I think many people have fond memories of their childhood and therefore prefer the toys that they played with during that time. That is the case with me. When I was just entering my pre-teen years, I enjoyed playing Super Mario Brothers on my Nintendo. It was a lot of fun. Not only was it fun for me to play at home, but also I would play those games at the bowling alley. Plus, my friends in the neighborhood played the same game based on the fact that it was so popular and we could help each other with winning the game.

  • What video game do you regret buying (and why)?
    What video game do you regret buying (and why)?
    I haven’t bought many video games in my day, but I believe the video games that I would regret buying would be those that I don’t play. They just sit on the shelves because they were not as exacting as I thought they would be. Some of the newer video games I don’t like as much because they are too complicated. Instead, I like to play the traditional old fashioned games like Pac Man and Zelda. Some of the video games are boring. I would not want to buy a video game that was too violent or bloody because I don’t like that. Other video games that I would regret buying would include those that are boring and that don’t take a lot of knowledge to do.

  • How do you respond to someone that says video games are a "waste of time"?
    How do you respond to someone that says video games are a "waste of time"?
    Everyone has hobbies and activities that they like to do. People should not judge what other people like to do in their spare time as long as it isn’t illegal or addictive. Sometimes, people get addictive to playing video games. I would not respect someone who is so judgmental about others so that they have to explain that their hobbies are a waste of time. The only time when someone should stop or lessen their video game playing time is when they are addicted or they spend too much time playing those games. Then someone needs to intervene. Otherwise, they should be allowed to play those video games. If a video game player stops working their job or communicating with their families, then they may be addicted to playing video games.

  • What video game got you hooked on to the gaming lifestyle?
    What video game got you hooked on to the gaming lifestyle?
    Video games started years ago for me. So, I believe that probably in most cases many people got started gaming with their first video game that they played for a long time. My first video game was Super Mario Brothers. I had played Pac Man and a few others on an Atari system when I was a child, but the video game that I played time and time again would be Super Mario Brothers. Playing this game is what got me started playing video games. I would come home after school and play this video game for a few hours a day. However, over the next few years, I started doing other things than playing video games until I was an adult.

  • What is the most entertaining video game series of all time (and why)?
    What is the most entertaining video game series of all time (and why)?
    Since I started playing Super Mario Brothers since I was a small child, the most entertaining video game series would be the Mario series. Millions of copies have been sold throughout the years since it was released in 1981. As a matter of fact, millions of copies of Mario were sold for each part of the series. There are actual subcategories of Mario within the big franchise. I believe that this video game has sold more than any other which is probably also due to the fact that it was released many years ago plus due to its popularity. Some of the series in the franchise include Super Mario, Mario Party, Mario Sports and Mario Kart. A Japanese designer created the Mario franchise.

  • What video game has aged well and stood the test of time in your opinion?
    What video game has aged well and stood the test of time in your opinion?
    Pokemon is a video game that appeared on the Gameboy. Pokemon has produced cards and other things in order to make the video game so popular. Due to this, it is aged well and stood the test of time. It first began in the mid-1990s. Nintendo first created it. Now more recently, Pokemon came out with Pokemon Go with people going around finding clues. This has become very popular because it gets people out of the house and they can meet other people. However, there were some problems when the first Pokemon Go came out because people were getting injured by falling while looking at their phone. However, that didn’t stop people and many children and adults enjoy playing a video game and getting exercise at the same time.

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