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Gamers gather round because these quizzes are for you! Trivia quizzes are always great places to gather up all kinds of cheats, tips, and interesting information about your favorite video games. Round up your buddies because the info in these quizzes are the prime pick of the bunch (information) out there. This isn’t something you want to miss. You have the opportunity to show your friends you are the ultimate gamer and gain some helpful knowledge along the way.

What is the maximum achievable score possible in a game of Pac-Man? What are the two unreleased titles in the Oddworld series? What was the first ever product released by Sony? In the original arcade Donkey Kong game, what was Mario called and what was his profession? What does the six digit number in on the Scorpion tank in Halo refer to? How many pieces of character equipment are in Final Fantasy X on PS2? If you’re a videogame master, go ahead and prove it by taking these quizzes.
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    What does FPS stand for in gaming?

Sure you've played a lot of games, otherwise why would you be here? EA Games, makes some phenomenal graphic intensive games for the likes of those gaming freaks. Battlefield, NFS, Medal of Honor are amongst the popular ones...

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    Which of these subsidiaries develops "Need for Speed" game?

Want to know what type of gamer you are? Find out by taking this quiz. 

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    What type of video game related activities do you participate in? (Outside of gaming)

There are different consoles out there but the most popular is the PlayStation. it is sleek and nice but what do you know about it? Lets check it out

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    PS was created and owned by ________ Interactive Entertainment

What type of gaming user are you? There are those of us who are so big on gaming that we actually make a career out of it and there are also some people who never get to finish a simple game due to how inexperienced they are....

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    You're new to a community or forum. How do you make a name for yourself and get involved?


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What is Cyberpunk 2077?
Cyberpunk 2077 is an action-adventure video game. In the game, you are playing as V, a mercenary whose mission is to find an implant that can make anybody immortal. Night city has people who are obsessed with body modification, glamour, and power. C
How are video games programmed?
1. The first stage is the creation of a concept. That is, you need to decide what genre the game will belong to and what setting it will have (it will be an RPG fantasy, a military first-person shooter, a farm simulator, etc.) At this stage, the game
Which is the most expensive gaming computer?
The most expensive gaming computer in the world today is the 8 Pack Orion X that is developed and built by Overclockers UK which is located in Britian. This luxurious gaming computer is one that will cost a cool $30,000 brand new. The 8 Pack Orion X
Is Doki Doki Literature Club the scariest game of all time?
Well, some people who've NEVER played a scary game in their life they might think it's scary, but I don't think it's scary. If you want to know how my experience went...well...all I'll say is I kinda got a little sad at the ending of act 1... Well,
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