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A comprehensive database of more than 14 gaming quizzes online, test your knowledge with gaming quiz questions. Our online gaming trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top gaming quizzes.

Gamers gather round because these quizzes are for you! Trivia quizzes are always great places to gather up all kinds of cheats, tips, and interesting information about your favorite video games. Round up your buddies because the info in these quizzes are the prime pick of the bunch (information) out there. This isn’t something you want to miss. You have the opportunity to show your friends you are the ultimate gamer and gain some helpful knowledge along the way.

What is the maximum achievable score possible in a game of Pac-Man? What are the two unreleased titles in the Oddworld series? What was the first ever product released by Sony? In the original arcade Donkey Kong game, what was Mario called and what was his profession? What does the six digit number in on the Scorpion tank in Halo refer to? How many pieces of character equipment are in Final Fantasy X on PS2? If you’re a videogame master, go ahead and prove it by taking these quizzes.

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