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Unscramble the questions: like? What you movies do
I like of drama movie, fiction movie and animation movie.
What is Brazil like? Watch the video. Then, match the sentences and the places they are associated to.
1. brazil-2. salvador-3. braslia-4. curitiba-5. so paulo-6. rio de janeiro-video transcript -> take a tour of brazil - part of the worlds greatest attractions series by geobeats.hi, this is your host, naomi. i would like to show you the top 5 de
Thanks for your letter. I got it 14 Sept. Ive sent a copy to comp. HQ. along with a memo re. your financial situation. Ive set a meeting for 3 Oct at 11 am to talk about another bank loan. So,...
Thank you (1) for your letter received (2) 14 september 2002. a copy has been sent to company headquarters in addition (3) to a memorandum concerning (4) your financial situation. a meeting has been scheduled (5) for 3 october 2002 at 11 am to discus
A borrower has a 3/1 ARM loan and the three-year fixed period has ended. The original interest rate is 4.25%. The index at the end of the fixed period is 3.375% and the margin is 2.75%. The CAPS...
6.125%-3.375%+2.75%=6.125& arm rates have caps that limit the amount a rate can increase or decrease between adjustment periods. periodic cap - limits how high a rate can increase or decrease each period after the fix term expires. adjustment pe