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Smashing 6’s, bowling the batter’s middle stump, diving in to grab a great catch; quite simply, cricket is fantastic fun. If questions like ‘Who was the first Captain of the Indian Cricket Team ?’, ‘In which year was the BCCI formed?’ and ‘What is Sachin Tendulkar’s full name?’ bring out the cricket lover within, then the below list of Cricket quizzes are for you.

From captivating cricket trivia to intriguing stuff about cricket bats and cricket players to T-20 formats, there’s something for everyone. Check out our amazing list of quizzes on this fabulous game, that is slowly but surely taking over the world, and test how much you know about Cricket. Enjoy!

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  • The umpire permits a substitute runner LAWFULLY. Can the opposing captain object to the runner?

  • How many ways a batsman be out ?

  • What would happen if a player fielded the ball with his cap?

  • There is a runner on first with no outs.  The batter hits a ground ball to the third baseman. What should the third baseman do?

  • The bases are loaded with no outs.  (There is a runner at first, second, and third.)The batter bunts the ball just in front of home plate.What should the catcher do?

  • There is a runner on third with two outs.  The game is tied in the bottom of the last inning of regulation play.  (This is the 6th inning in our league.)The batter hits a ground ball directly to the first baseman, who fields it cleanly. What should the first baseman do?

  • Yuvraj Singh was credited with hitting the longest six of the Twenty20 World Cup.  How long was it?

  • Which Indian cricketer scored the highest runs in an Innings in the Twenty20 World Cup?

  • How many Australian batsmen were bowled out by India during the Finals of the Twenty20 World Cup?

  • Who were the first two teams to compete in an international cricket match?

  • Which country unexpectedly won the cricket world cup in 1996?

  • In which county is Lords?