Football And Scorer World Cup Quiz

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Football And Scorer World Cup Quiz - Quiz

Football quiz about all kinds of football. General football knowledge.

Questions and Answers
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    Where did Derby play their home games before Pride Park?

    Before Pride Park, Derby played their home games at the Baseball Ground.

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    Which English team is nicknamed The Trotters?

    The English team nicknamed The Trotters is Bolton Wanderers.

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    At which club did Alan Shearer start his career?

    Alan Shearer started his career at Southampton Football Club, commonly known as Southampton or Saints.

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    In which city would you find the two English league grounds which are closest to each other?

    The two English league grounds that are closest to each other are Goodison Park and Anfield, both located in Liverpool. These stadiums are home to Everton FC and Liverpool FC respectively, and are situated just 0.8 miles apart. This proximity makes it convenient for football fans to attend matches at both stadiums on the same day.

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    Who were Manchester United playing when Eric Cantona performed his famous kung-fu kick on a fan?

    Eric Cantona performed his famous kung-fu kick on a fan during a match against Crystal Palace.

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    Gary Lineker was top scorer in the World Cup in which year?

    Gary Lineker was the top scorer in the World Cup in 1986.

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    Neil Young scored the winning goal in the 1969 FA Cup Final for which club?

    Neil Young scored the winning goal in the 1969 FA Cup Final for Manchester City.

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  • 8. 

    Which European football club is nicknamed "La Vicchia Signora", which translates as "the old lady"?

    Juventus is the correct answer to the question. The Italian football club is commonly known by its nickname "La Vicchia Signora," which translates to "the old lady" in English. Another popular nickname for Juventus is "Juve."

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  • 9. 

    On a football pitch, how many yards should the penalty spot be from the goal line?

    The penalty spot on a football pitch should be 12 yards away from the goal line.

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    From which football club did Arsenal sign midfielder Cesc Fabregas?

    Arsenal signed midfielder Cesc Fabregas from the football club Barcelona, also known as Barca.

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