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  • What term refers to the alignment of prints when using multiple colors?
    What term refers to the alignment of prints when using multiple colors?
    Registration refers to the alignment of prints when using multiple colors. Registration can be considered as the method of making a correlation of the colors that overlap in one image. Registration happens to be of many different types and styles. Many of these styles involve alignment of some particular marks. The purpose of registration is to reduce the blur that comes when more than one color is there in an image while printing. Registration ensures that each color is printed separately so that no mixing occurs, and each color comes out without a blur. In other words, it perfectly lines up all the colors.

  • What is color field painting?
    What is color field painting?
    Color field painting is an art technique that takes a solid color and spreads it around a large, flat expanse of the canvas. The point is to make the picture as colorful, but as flat, as possible. This also allows the subject of the piece to be the color and the shapes, nothing more. The colors take the form of geometric shapes - circles, triangles, squares, etc. That said, sometimes these paintings contain references to landscapes or nature in general. The color field painting movement was pretty much localized to the United States of America. It began in Washington, D.C. and spread west. A list of prominent color field painters includes Jack Bush, Al Held, Ray Parker, J.S. Parker, and Joe Goode.

  • What are the primary colors?
    What are the primary colors?
    Primary colors are a group of colors that act as a reference for all the other colors. These are the colors from which all other colors can be produced. The primary colors include red, blue, and yellow. Surprisingly enough, all other colors such as green, orange, and black can be obtained by the mixture of these colors in varying quantities. For instance, when you mix green and red, you get yellow. When you mix green, red, and blue, you get white. On mixing red and blue, you get pink. Similarly, on mixing green and blue you get cyan color. On mixing yellow, red, and blue, you obtain the black color.

  • What do we do during the "wash" step in cleaning our brushes?
    What do we do during the "wash" step in cleaning our brushes?
    Indeed, it is important to wash your paint brush to get rid of all the unwanted color before starting off a new painting. There are many different ways of cleaning the paint brushes, but removing it through stiff nylon bristle brushes is the easiest way. Simply, brush off along the strands of your paint brush using the nylon bristle brush. Remember, repeat this procedure very gently or else you might end up damaging your paint brush. Alternatively, you can also make use of alcohol or thinner solutions however this method is more suitable for very stubborn water based paints only.

  • What is the American name for a plain wallpaper used to smooth out walls?
    What is the American name for a plain wallpaper used to smooth out walls?
    The American name for a plain wallpaper used to smooth out walls is Blankstock. A wallpaper is a material that is used to decorate and cover the walls of homes, offices, schools, and cafes. The main purpose of a wallpaper is to add some aesthetic into the environment. Sometimes, they are used to give out a specific vibe to other people. For instance, music cafes sometimes have wallpapers that are themed with famous bands and musicians. Similarly, professional work places have wallpapers that have more of a professional yet eye-catching look. A wallpaper plays great role in how a place looks like from the inside.

  • Which colors make green?
    Which colors make green?
    Green color is made from the color blue and yellow. Both of these colors fall into the group of primary colors, in which red is an addition. The color green is often considered as the symbol of peace and friendship. In general, this color gives a very light effect and is easy on the other person’s eyes. There are many different shades of green including dark green, turquoise, parrot green, and sea green. However, these are not all, yet some very common ones. Green color is widely used for jackets, wall paints, t shirts, and cars for its aesthetic value.

  • Which colors make orange?
    Which colors make orange?
    The only two colors that you need to create orange are red and yellow. These both are primary colors along with the color blue. Primary colors are colors from which other colors are taken out, by mixing them among themselves in various quantities and variations. The colors that are obtained from primary colors are called secondary colors. This is because they are obtained by mixing primary colors. For instance, on mixing the colors red blue and yellow, you can obtain black. There are two other secondary colors, and they are violet and green. Secondary colors can further be mixed together to obtain more colors.

  • Which is the best ingredient when making Chalk Paint?
    Which is the best ingredient when making Chalk Paint?
    Plaster of Paris is the best ingredient that can be used to make chalk paint. The procedure of making chalk paint is quite a simple one. First of all, you have to mixture about 1/3 cup of Plaster of Paris. Then, you must add about 1/3 cup of cold water. Stir them until they are smooth. Then mix with 1 cup of latex paint or plaster of paris and stir. Then make sure that everything is stirred properly. However, storing or reusing this chalk paint is not advised. Instead, it can easily be prepared whenever it is required since the procedure is extremely simple

  • Which is the heraldic term for black?
    Which is the heraldic term for black?
    Sable is the heraldric term for black. In heraldry, it belongs to the dark tinctures also called colors. It is represented as an area consisting of crossed vertical and horizontal lines in engravings and line drawings. The name sable is derived from the fur of sable which is black (here, sable is a species of marten). It has a lot of poetic meaning to it. Tinctures are usually associated with different gemstones, flowers, and planets. For instance, sable depicts diamond, for jewels. It depicts Saturn for heavenly bodies and depicts nightshade herb for flowers. These poetic meanings have been there from centuries.

  • Which technique is used to tonally model an image in printmaking?
    Which technique is used to tonally model an image in printmaking?
    Aquatint is used to tonally model an image in printmaking. Aquatint is a printmaking technique which can also be considered as a variant of etching. In this method, the artist makes some marks on a copper or a zinc plate. Or any other material can be used that is also capable of holding the ink. Then, the ink plate is passed through a printing machine along with a paper. Hence, the ink gets transferred on to the paper. This might need to be repeated a couple of times, depending on the technique that is being used. It is still commonly used by many artists.

  • Which type of print does not render a mirror image?
    Which type of print does not render a mirror image?
    A serigraph/silkscreen does not render a mirror image. Also called screen printing, it is a technique in which a mesh is used to transfer the ink on a substrate. However, the areas of the mesh that are blocked out do not allow ink to pass through. The mesh is blocked by the use of a stencil. This puts a print of the required shape. Ink is usually forced through the mesh openings by the use of a squeegee. This method is also known as silk-screen, or serigraph printing. In this method, one color is only printed at one time. Several screens need to be used in order to create a multicolored design.

  • Who painted, "The Scream"?
    Who painted, "The Scream"?
    The Scream was painted by Edvard Munch. The Scream is quite popular among artists. It contains four versions of a composition, which is produced both in the form of paintings and pastels. Edvard Munch was a Norwegian expressionist artist. The Scream was painted in between the years 1893 and 1910. These paintings show the figure of a person with a very painful expression of scream with a landscape in the background, having an orange sky above. This piece of art carries the same popularity as Mona Lisa, in the modern times. The four versions are created in different media of painting.

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