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Painting Questions & Answers

What term refers to the alignment of prints when using multiple colors?
Registration refers to the alignment of prints when using multiple colors. Registration can be considered as the method of making a correlation of the colors that overlap in one image. Registration happens to be of many different types and styles. Ma
What is color field painting?
Color field painting is an art technique that takes a solid color and spreads it around a large, flat expanse of the canvas. The point is to make the picture as colorful, but as flat, as possible. This also allows the subject of the piece to be the c
What are the primary colors?
Primary colors are a group of colors that act as a reference for all the other colors. These are the colors from which all other colors can be produced. The primary colors include red, blue, and yellow. Surprisingly enough, all other colors such as g
What do we do during the "wash" step in cleaning our brushes?
Indeed, it is important to wash your paint brush to get rid of all the unwanted color before starting off a new painting. There are many different ways of cleaning the paint brushes, but removing it through stiff nylon bristle brushes is the easiest