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Did you know that the human eye can distinguish more than 10 million colours? The eye has three different kinds of light-sensitive cells, which are respectively sensitive to 3 different light wavelengths: red, green and blue. The way we perceive color is a combination of the sensitivity of the eye, and the interpretation that the brain places on the eye's signals...and is still not fully understood. If you'd like to know more about color, and how it works, why not take our Color Quiz?

Do you know what the difference is between additive color and subtractive color? The first is when you mix together light of two or more colors, while the second uses dyes and pigments to absorb some color wavelengths and not others. Our quiz explores a range of color phenomena, properties and technical terms, and will certainly brighten up your life as well as adding to your knowledge!

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  • The resistor has 4 bands. Red, Green, Blue, Gold Which answer is correct?
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  • The resistor has 4 bands. Green, Blue, Red, Silver Which answer is correct?
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  • The resistor has 4 bands. Yellow, Brown, Brown, Gold Which answer is correct?
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  • True or False:The color chestnut is recessive.
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  • A spot of white on the horses nose is called a 
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  • What is another name for a dorsal stripe? (Dark stripe along horses back)
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