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Chemical Questions & Answers

What is the specific type of homogenous mixture in the left image?
By definition, a solution is a mixture in which a solute is disintegrated and equitably conveyed in a dissolvable. Any evident solution is a homogeneous mixture. Numerous things that seem homogeneous at first glance are heterogeneous on the micro le
What is the difference between Neurotransmitter and Endorphin?
Neurotransmitters are designated as the body's biological messengers. They are the molecules utilized by the nervous system to communicate messages between neurons, or from neurons to muscles. A neurotransmitter impacts a neuron in one of three ways,
What is the difference between Adaptation and Acclimation?
Acclimations are metabolic adjustments of a living being, which may or may not necessitate the transcription of genes. Acclimations are always short term. Adaption is a heritable amendment in structure or function that serves to increase the probabil
What are two chemically combined defined as?
The correct answer is D, compound. It is defined as a chemical substance, which has 2 or more bonded chemical elements. It has a fixed ratio that determines a composition. Chemical formulas are used to express the ratio of each element. There are fou