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Chemicals are, quite obviously, a big part of chemistry. Chemistry is the study of matter and its interactions with other matter. If you possess this basic knowledge of chemistry, you can handle this quiz. If you’re a science buff who would like to strut their stuff, this quiz has your name written all over it. Find out if your chemistry is as strong as you think.
What does the properties of chemical bonds formed between atoms create? True or false: chemistry is also known as “the central science.” Where can the origins of chemistry be traced to? What three men reshaped old scientific traditions into the scientific discipline of chemistry? What is the theory of phlogiston? Who proposed the modern theory of atoms.

Chemistry can be a tough subject to crack, but if you have made it through the description, there’s no doubt you’ll dominate the quiz.

The following quiz deals with the physical properties of chemical substances. It will test your abilities on mixtures and pure substances. The quiz is supposed to test your knowledge and prepare you for more advanced ones. Good...

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  • Sample Question
    What are the two types of pure substances?

When it comes to driving commercial vehicles, one needs to go through driving school and get the license that proves their capability to get the car and contents safely to the destination. Are you studying for the driver’s...

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  • Sample Question
    Cooking an egg.

Chemistry Quiz 1.

Questions: 15  |  Attempts: 2377   |  Last updated: Jan 18, 2017
  • Sample Question
    What characteristic, or property, is shared by all forms of matter?

Take this quick interactive quiz to test your knowledge of chemical and physical changes. Let's start this quiz now!

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  • Sample Question
    1.   if a metal pipe starts to rust what type of change would that be?

This is a biology quizz, it's about about atoms, molecules, and compounds. A little review in what we know in chemestry.

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  • Sample Question
    Which of the following subatomic particles are NOT found in the nucleus of an atom?

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Chemical Questions & Answers

What is the specific type of homogenous mixture in the left image?
By definition, a solution is a mixture in which a solute is disintegrated and equitably conveyed in a dissolvable. Any evident solution is a homogeneous mixture. Numerous things that seem homogeneous at first glance are heterogeneous on the micro le
What is the difference between Neurotransmitter and Endorphin?
Neurotransmitters are designated as the body's biological messengers. They are the molecules utilized by the nervous system to communicate messages between neurons, or from neurons to muscles. A neurotransmitter impacts a neuron in one of three ways,
What is the difference between Adaptation and Acclimation?
Acclimations are metabolic adjustments of a living being, which may or may not necessitate the transcription of genes. Acclimations are always short term. Adaption is a heritable amendment in structure or function that serves to increase the probabil
What are two chemically combined defined as?
The correct answer is D, compound. It is defined as a chemical substance, which has 2 or more bonded chemical elements. It has a fixed ratio that determines a composition. Chemical formulas are used to express the ratio of each element. There are fou