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  • What is the most important thing about being a model??
    What is the most important thing about being a model??
    I personally believe that C is the best choice for this question. A lot of people can look good in front of the camera especially if they know their angles. Looking good in pictures does not necessarily mean that you can become a model. A good walk will be important too but there are different professions that would also require a good walk such as beauty queens and even actors and actresses. People who can walk very well do not automatically become models. Being confident is a trait that can be important for all types of jobs. Without confidence, you may not be able to work on your tasks. You do not necessarily have to be a model to be confident. Having a great personality is important because if people like your personality, you will be booked more. It is your charm, your appeal that people will always look for.

  • What is process modeling?
    What is process modeling?
    A technique used to organize and document a system s process

  • How can I join a modeling agency in Delhi?
    How can I join a modeling agency in Delhi?
    The process to join a modelling agency in Delhi should be similar to what you will find almost anywhere in the world. Find reputable modelling agencies, visit the websites of modelling agencies in Delhi. Check to see if they are active in business. Large agencies recruit models many times in a year and they provide consistent work for you but a small agency gives you more personal time so consider this before making a choice on what you want. If you are in Delhi, you can visit some of the agencies that you will like to join, you can get more information if you visit their office in person. Read their submission guildline so you know the necessary materials to submit and how to submit it (whether to mail it or to send it electronically). If the agency is interested in having you, they will call you for an interview, after the interview, it is possible that you join the modelling agency.

  • What do you need to make sure you do all the time in walks,photos etc??
    What do you need to make sure you do all the time in walks,photos etc??
    Extend your neck Keep your but and boobs inIf you smile even when you do something wrong...people will start to think you dont care and its all a laugh to you!

  • What is the purpose of a working drawing?
    What is the purpose of a working drawing?
    A working drawing is a drawing that shows others how to complete, fabricate, or assemble a part.

  • The Primary key
    The Primary key
    1. Uniquely identifies each occurance of an entity type2. Is the candidate key selected to be a primary keyAn entity typwe may have more than one candidate key. The choice of a primary key for an entity is based on considerations of atribute length the minimal nmomber of atributes requiered

  • Composite atribute
    Composite atribute
    An atribute composed of multiple components each with individual existanceAddress atribute of the branch entity can be subdivided into street city number.....

  • In a Picture what do you need to do??
    In a Picture what do you need to do??
    Show all your angles Dont think too muchShow your angles to make it look good and if you think all the time you will be able to see in your picture that you were thinking and will look you thought too much!!...

  • Entity type = An object or concept identified by the enterprise as having an ______________ existance
    Entity type = An object or concept identified by the enterprise as having an ______________ existance
    IndependentThe Basic concept of the ER model is an Entity type, which represents a set of objects in the real world with the same properties.An Entity type has an independent existance and can be an object with a physical (or real existance) or an object with a conceptual (or abstract) existance

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