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Did you know that the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated that the median salary of medical lab technicians is around $32,840, while the top 10% of these lab technicians earn up to $50,250 every year! But first, they have to earn an associate’s degree. Do you believe that a career as a Medical Laboratory Technician is ideal for you?

Well, find out for sure if you are making the right choice by taking these quizzes. By answering the questions in these quizzes, you will know for sure whether a career as a Medical Laboratory Technician is a good choice for you. Take these quizzes and find out if a career as a medical lab technician is ideal for you!

Medical Laboratory Technician is a person who performs all the microscopic and bacteriological operations such as testing cells, tissues, fluids, human blood etc for medical and research purposes and it's all done a medical...

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    Beer's law states that the darker the color produced, the more light absorbed in the specimen; the more light absorbed, the

This is part one of the hematology section of the ascp certification exam

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    The light colored zone adjacent to the nucleus in a plasmacyte is the:

Quiz for Chemistry. Enjoy it.

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    The biuret reaction for the analysis of serum protein depends on the number of?      

MLT questions for ASCP examination

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    Insufficient centrifugation will result in:

Renal function and intro to Urinalysis 

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    The renal medulla is composed of tissue called _________.

MLT Questions & Answers

What does Beer's law state?
The higher the concentration of the analyte
What does a manual hematocrit determination reveal when a Leukemia is suspected?
The answer is letter D. The Buffy Coat Analysis was first suggested in 1933 in a paper with a title Macroscopic Examination of the Blood by Wintrobe where numerous examinations of a centrifuged blood’s buffy coat can give quality information to
What do you need to dilute to make a 1:5 dilution of serum sample?
The answer to this is A. The great thing about ratio is that it is easy to understand. Since it says that you need 1:5, you just need to immediately look at the numbers of the choices. A says 1.0 ml of serum with 5.0 ml of diluent. When transformed t