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Do you crunch numbers for a living? Yes, we're talking about Accountants. Are you planning to specialize as a Management Account? It's not going to be easy but after taking some calculated risk, the returns can be high.

We have a ledger of quizzes designed for the CMA (Certified Management Accountant) program. For starters, are you familiar with the requirements before you can earn the CMA? How about the duration of the program? Did you know that you can earn it for as fast as 12 months? If you're too busy, you can earn it for as long as 3 years as well.

Are you ready to make some decisions and prove that you have what it takes to be a CMA? Expect a big payday as you take on the CMA quizzes!
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Management is something that is universal and can be found in different sectors of the economy. There are some characteristics that are common with managers and they are taught in the CMA and RMA courses. The test below is a...

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    The following should be added to a well writen resume?

Basic Nutrition, Law and Ethics, and

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    Which of the following is not one of the six nutrient classifications. _______________ is not a fat- soluble vitamin:  

MA225 Review for CMA

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    The abbreviation for right ear is:

Staff will be able to identify the 6 Rights of Medication administration.Staff will demonstrate knowledge in medication administration by passing this quiz with 80% or better.Staff will demonstrate med administration to the RN to...

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    As a none licensed person, I can take orders over the phone?

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    Which of the following planes divides the body into anterior and posterior portions?

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CMA Questions & Answers

What are the 6 Rights in medication administration?
1.Right person2.right drug3.right dose4.right time5.right route6.right reason7.right documentation8.right to refuse
What is the difference between CPA and CIMA?
CPA stands for Certified Public Accountant and is the name for accountants in many countries of the English persuasion. CIMA is the anacronym for Chartered institute of management accountants, and it is a UK professional based group that offers train