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Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS) refers to a set of clinical inventions for the urgent treatment of cardiac arrest, stroke, and other life threatening emergencies. A great deal of knowledge is required to deploy ACLS techniques and if you’re someone who may be called upon at any time to use them it’s a good idea to stay fresh regarding what you need to do. If you ever need an overview or review about all things ACLS, don’t hesitate to take these quizzes.

Who is allowed to provide ACLS? True or false: When sudden cardiac arrest occurs, CPR is a vital link in the chain of survival. What is the chain of survival? What does ACLS often start with? Is an IV used during ACLS? How often does the American Heart Association perform a science review and publish an updated set of recommendations and educational materials regarding ACLS? Take these quizzes today and find more such useful information.

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  • The first drug and dosage for Ventricular Fibrillation (other than Oxygen) is what?

  • During VF, which drug and dosage may be used in place of Epinephrine?

  • For significant adult bradycardia with poor perfusion,  which drugs would you use and in what doses?

  • Which of the following answers describes the highest quality CPR?

  • A 46 year old intubated male is receiving CPR following a witnessed cardiac arrest.  Which of the following describes the perfomance of CPR on a patient with an advanced airway?

  • A 65 year old adult male being seen in the emergency department for respiratory failure suddenly stops breathing and displays a sinus bradycardic rhythm of 48/min on the monitor.  Which of the following is the priority intervention for this patient?

  • Which of the following is most accurate regarding the administration of vasopressin during cardiac arrest?

  • Your patient has been intubated. IV/IO access is not available. Which combination of drugs can be administered by the endotracheal route of administration?

  • Which of the following statements about the use of magnesium in cardiac arrest is most accurate?

  • Which of the following is not part of the standard protocol prior to conducting the BLS primary survey?
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  • While conducting chest compressions, you should never allow an interruption to last longer than _____ seconds.
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  • Which is not included when performing advanced airway interventions through ACLS secondary survey?
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