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Glucose is one of the most well-known molecules due to its nature as an essential nutrient for human health. You ingest glucose in your food, and then your body uses blood to carry the glucose to the cells of every organ for the purpose of energy production. And although worries about obesity and diabetes have given glucose a bad name in recent years, all human life depends on maintaining adequate levels of this sugar.

Shed your ignorance and find out more about this little fellow with massive effects by answering questions like: “What type of glucose can give the body high sources of energy?”, “How does the body react when he receives his doses of glucose?”, “What part of the body produces insulin and how is it related to glucose?”, and “What is the normal level of glucose inside the body?”

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  • Meter results must aggree within +/- ______% of the corresponding lab result to be considered within acceptable limits.
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