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What is the difference between Self Employed and Employee?
Self-employed and employees are two terms for two different types of people. Self-employed refers to an individual who owns a particular business and does not work under anybody or company. This set of people work for themselves either by owning a bu
What is the difference between FMLA and SICK LEAVE?
The full meaning of FMLA is Family and Medical Leave Act, while sick leave, which can also be referred to as paid sick leave refers to the amount of days off that an employee is entitled to without being deprived of his pay and benefits. FMLA is a fe
What steps should be completed when terminating an employee?
1. a paf should be filled out, term date should be entered, employee i-9 and supporting documentation should be moved to inactive binder with shred date.-when an employee is being terminated a branch administrator should follow term procedure and at
What is the employee's pay for the week? A piecework job pays sixty cents per piece. An employee works 50 hours in one week and produces 600 pieces.
$396The hourly rate of pay for those paid on a piece rate basis is calculated by dividing the money they earned by the number of hours they spent earning it. The overtime rate is one and one half times the regular hourly rate. From the 2013 HRCP P