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What are α-D-glucose and β -D-glucose?
C is the answer to this question. Those who have always loved chemistry will have no trouble figuring out what anomers are. Anomers are found in different atoms of carbohydrates. Some people may get confused if they are dealing with anomers or epimer
What is a storage form of carbohydrate in plants?
The answer to this is D. Starch. A lot of plants would usually store extra sugar so that they will have enough and this is usually stored in the roots of the plant. Whenever a plant needs the extra energy, that is the time when starch would be transf
What is the relationship between glucose, mannose and galactose?
The correct answer to this question is that they are epimers. Related to chemistry, epimers are compounds. These compounds have the same chemical formula. Though the formula is the same, the compounds have different carbon atom's spacial arrangement.
Which nutrient is classified as a micronutrient (only small quantities required)?
Micronutrients, as opposed to macronutrients, are comprised of vitamins and minerals quantities to ensure normal metabolism, growth, and physical well-being. Micronutrients are those nutrients we require in small quantities. They are vitamins and min