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Today we are surrounded by better products and designs than in the past. But it is the product quality that tells how well a product can do what it’s supposed to do. Take our online product quizzes to become a product quality expert and notice the unique attributes to make smart buys and sales.

If you want to make it in sales one thing that you should always know is the product you are selling and how to present it to a prospective customer and its qualities that make it fit for them. How much do you know about product...

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    Who is the ultimate Boss at Retail Concepts?

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    1.Which of the following has an impact of product quality?

Find out how much you know about how to construct textile products or how they can be decorated. Use to help find the answer to any questions that you are not sure of, also useful for revision for...

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    An open or plain seam is the commonest way of sewing fabric together, it is used on most products and garments.

Test your understanding of using the Validation Board!

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    What is the top section of the board used for?

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    How are the Cheryl Lee products different from other products on the market? 

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Product Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Kevlar and Twaron?
Kevlar and Twaron are two materials that are used in the production of materials like armories, tires, and protective gear. Kevlar and Twaron are very similar in that they share almost the same qualities. However, the only difference between Kevlar a
What is the difference between Shortening and Butter?
Shortening and butter are two types of fat, both are similar because they contain fat and they are also used for baking processes. However, there are some differences between them. Shortening is a substance with 100 percent solid fat content. Butter,
What is the difference between Leptovox and Lipovox?
Leptovox and Lipovox are seldom get confused by people who are aiming to get slimmer and lose weight. In terms of release to the public, Leptovox was the first one to be introduced in the market, but Lipovox was manufactured not long later. Both heal
What is the difference between Brand and Products?
Both of these terms are used in marketing and sales. Products are created by companies and can easily be recreated. A brand is generated by users of the product and is unique that they are unable to be copied. The lifespan of a product can expire, bu