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Have you ever been intrigued by how the rich and famous people do their shopping? The answer is in lifestyle shopping which enables you to shop without the hassles associated with the mall. It has its perks such as comfortable pedestrian walk, amazing landscape, not to mention the close parking and drop-offs that the customers enjoy. You get the privilege of non- stop shopping for anything like perfume, purses, bags, shoes from designer brands.
Do you hate shopping in crowded places such as malls? Then this is the perfect solution for you. This enables you to shop at your own pace and which is later accompanied by a spa session. Afterwards you can relax in the plush end chair and enjoy both the great ambience of lifestyle shopping and the fresh atmosphere of the greens surrounding the boutique. Think you understand this concept of lifestyle shopping? Take these quizzes to find out.

Depois de ler o texto, responda as questões.

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    De acordo com o texto, qual é a alternativa verdadeira?

Which is best to buy generic? Can you use that coupon? Where can the best deals be found? As you answer these questions see where you score as a smart shopper! Can you beat the best shopper? Or the worst? Find out with Smart...

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    Which is a good generic buy while at the grocery store?

Are you a shopping freak?? Take this awsome, FREE, quiz, does the word FREE make crack?? Maybe you are a shopping freak...........

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    You did all of your monthly chores, your mom gives you 100 bucks!!! What do you do with it??

Are you a shopping freak? Find out by taking this quiz

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    What retailer is considered the founder of the department store concept?

Sit back, relax and have fun with this shopping quiz.

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    When did the first enclosed shopping mall open in the U.S?

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Shopping Questions & Answers

How can I tell if a salesman is being genuine and that I can trust him/her?
Honesty is the only attitude that wont fade or can be steal to someone. They train their salesmen to be good at their job and openly trust them. Creating honesty to oneself is difficult. Sincerity to job leads to a good workplace and have a good rela
Where to buy premium quality bikinis on online stores?
It depends on what type of body shape the woman has, which will typically determine the style and brand of bikini she will wear. For example, Bravissimo features quality swimwear and lingerie for women who are D-L cup. The site is dedicated to helpin
What should it be if I buy one thing tomorrow?
If you could only buy one thing tomorrow, then you should put a lot of thought into it. Sometimes, there are times when people do not have a lot of money. They may only have enough money to purchase one thing. They may have a long list of things to b
Should I do it or not? The Organic Version of my favorite whatever is the same price as the Non-Organic so shouldn't I just pay for it and live healthier?
Compare the ounces of the Organic to the Non-Organic.A lot of manufacturers will charge you more per ounce but not tell you. Instead they slip it into a lower ounce box and try to pass it off as the same price.