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How much you know about gorilla? It is said that gorillas are the nearest animals to human beings today but their numbers re reducing by the day and are considered extinct. How long does the gestation period for a gorilla last?...

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    How many subspecies of Gorilla live in Africa? 

Wild gorillas are glorious animals severely threatened to extinct. How familiar are you with them ? Do you know anything about gorillas ? Let's see...

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    Pick out the food which wild gorillas don't eat. 

Gorillas are magnificent and dominant animals. They're endangered specie so we have to take great care of them. One of the ways of preventing their extinction is learning about them. What better way than taking this quiz...

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    How many species of gorillas are there ? 

A quiz to test YOUR knowlege on gorillas

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    How many different types of gorillas are there?


Gorilla Questions & Answers

How long does it take a female gorilla to reach maturity?
Female gorillas reach maturity at ten years old. There have been instances when the female will reach maturity earlier in life - sometimes as young as six years old - but the average age is ten. A mature female gorilla will ovulate on a cycle that cl
What is the difference between Apes and Gorillas?
One thing that you should know is that a gorilla is considered to be a type of ape. An ape is known to have four main species. Aside from the gorilla, the three other main species are orangutans, and there are two different varieties of chimpanzees,
What is the difference between Gorillas And Humans?
A lot of experts say that humans have probably evolved from gorillas. There are many similarities between gorillas and humans that are just hard to ignore. Take note that there are different types of monkeys that are available. Those that are conside