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  • What is the average life span of a mouse?
    What is the average life span of a mouse?
    These depends on what kind of a mouse and what kind of environment you’re talking about. To keep it simple, we’ll stick to the simple house mouse. The house mouse can leave in the wild for less than a year. That’s okay, because the mouse can easily give birth any time of the year. A female house mouse ovulates often and with little time between. When the house mouse is in a controlled environment - a research lab, a house, simply somewhere that they cannot be hunted - they can live for two to three years. The house mouse is one of the least endangered species in the world. They breed so virulently and quickly that there is little chance of actually endangering them for a while.

  • What is the difference between Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse?
    What is the difference between Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse?
    Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse are two types of mice. A mouse generally, is used as an input device, and it is used by moving it over a pad or any flat surface to produce a corresponding movement of a pointer on a graphical display. However, there are some differences between the two types of mice; optical Mouse and laser mouse. Optical mice are equipped with a light that is emitted from diode. Laser mice, on the other hand, get its light source from the high-intensity laser. Due to the nature of the light-optical mice are equipped with, they are not as sensitive like laser mice. Laser mice are so susceptible that they can detect over 2000 dots per inch. Optical mice cannot be placed on every surface, especially shining or black surfaces. Laser mice, on the other hand, can be placed on any surface and it will work correctly because of the nature and the intensity of light they use

  • How can I get rid of mice?
    How can I get rid of mice?
    Mice and rats can be real pests sometimes. They are capable of destroying lots of things with their well known chewing habits and they leave their droppings wherever they go. There are several ways to get ride of mice. You can try using nautral things that deter them so that they will not want to come around your propery. There are some herbs and plants that they simply do not like. You can also try trapping them in a live trap and taking them elsewhere to a more appropriate environment. If you do not mind to you can also put out traps that kill them or poisons that kill them. I recommend first trying methods that do not actaully hurt the mice. They are only creatures trying to survive the best way they can.

  • Have you heard of The Pet Mice Site.
    Have you heard of The Pet Mice Site.
    I haven't heard of it jees, don't tell me that I am wrong.