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Did you know mice can communicate via ultrasonic sounds, or that they can jump 18 inches into the air? Enhance your knowledge about this tiny creature with our online mouse quizzes perfect for kids, teens, and inquisitive adults too!
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See how much you known about pet mice.

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    Which cages are suitable for pet mice.

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Take this interesting quiz on Mice Problems which is structured and based on the common Mice Problems, facts about Mice, and their features. Mice have been one of the most common homes invaders for centuries now, and many methods...

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    Mice mostly migrate into homes during?


Mouse Questions & Answers

How often does the house mouse ovulate?
A mouse will ovulate every four to six days, depending on the mouse, the environment, and other factors. This is when the mouse is going to be able to respond the best to a male’s advances. Due to this quick ovulation cycle, they often have a c
What is the average life span of a mouse?
These depends on what kind of a mouse and what kind of environment you’re talking about. To keep it simple, we’ll stick to the simple house mouse. The house mouse can leave in the wild for less than a year. That’s okay, because the
What is the difference between Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse?
Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse are two types of mice. A mouse generally, is used as an input device, and it is used by moving it over a pad or any flat surface to produce a corresponding movement of a pointer on a graphical display. However, there are
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