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Drugs are chemical substances with known biological effects on humans and even animals. Even though foods also have physiological effects on humans and animals, they are excluded from this definition. Drugs are used for cure, treatment, diagnosis, or prevention of diseases. They can also be used to enhance the mental of physical well-being.

There are different categories of drugs some of which are pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs, psychotropic drugs, etc. Can you name some drugs that fall into each of these categories? Which of these drugs affect the central nervous system? Which drugs cause addiction and habituation? Name some drugs which are illegal. We are taking you back to school with these tough quizzes, try them out and see how much you can remember.
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Chapter 5 quiz. Because we love learning about drug development.

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    What is the purpose of pre-clinical testing?

All free-spirited and open-minded drug takers will love this quiz, it intensively looks into and accurately finds out what type of drug is best suited for your personality and needs. It also contains little-known facts...

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    Your Favorite Drug is?:


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    A well-functioning immune system will eliminate or effectively destroy viral replication this is why immunocompromised patients have frequent viral infections.

Take this quiz and learn more about how to use antidepressants, and what's the side effect of this. Let's learn more about it!

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    What drugs are concidered SRIs?


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    Drug  store  arrangement/storage can be done in

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Drug Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Tylenol 3 and Percocet?
Tylenol 3 and Percocet are both pain relievers but that does not mean both are the same. In fact, there are a lot of differences between the two. One of the areas where both can be differentiated is by comparing the various constituents of the two dr
What is the difference between MDA and MDMA?
MDA is a drug which represents the phenethylamine and amphetamine chemical substances. It is both an amphetamine and a hallucinogenic. It is mostly treated as a recreational drug. Some of the short-term effects include upset stomach, anxiety, lowered
What is the difference between Cocaine and Weed?
Both cocaine and weed are stimulants; however, weed (also called marijuana) is commonly considered to be the “safe” drug. For The Most Part, you will discover yourself laughing your head off and being silly. The worst thing that tends to
What is the difference between Ambien and Rozerem?
Ambien and Rozerem are two different drugs used for sleeping disorders. Ambien is typically prescribed for short term use. On the other hand, Rozerem is given for long term use for insomnia. The generic name for Rozerem is Ramelteon, while that of th
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