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Drugs are chemical substances with known biological effects on humans and even animals. Even though foods also have physiological effects on humans and animals, they are excluded from this definition. Drugs are used for cure, treatment, diagnosis, or prevention of diseases. They can also be used to enhance the mental of physical well-being.

There are different categories of drugs some of which are pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs, psychotropic drugs, etc. Can you name some drugs that fall into each of these categories? Which of these drugs affect the central nervous system? Which drugs cause addiction and habituation? Name some drugs which are illegal. We are taking you back to school with these tough quizzes, try them out and see how much you can remember.

All free-spirited and open-minded drug takers will love this quiz, it intensively looks into and accurately finds out what type of drug is best suited for your personality and needs. It also contains little-known facts...

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    Your Favorite Drug is?:

Welcome to the trivia questions quiz on types and effects of drugs. It is not uncommon for people to take the wrong medication for different illnesses and it is, therefore, in=important for a pharmacist to ensure that they know...

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    Tridil ids classified as what type of a drug?

Quiz exercise and reviewer on drugs and their antidotes. Preparation for Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE).

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Quiz exercise and reviewer on drugs and their antidotes. Preparation for Nursing Licensure Examination (NLE).

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Anticoagulants, commonly referred to as blood thinners, are chemical substances that prevent or reduce coagulation of blood by prolonging the clotting time. The lifesaving benefits of these drugs often outweigh the potential...

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    Anticoagulants are indicated for an indefinite period in patients with:  

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Drug Questions & Answers

What type of drug is Tridil?
The answer is Vasodilator I think?
Which of the following statements correctly pair the antifungal drugs with their likely mechanism of action?
Griseofulvin - interferes with microtubule function-2. terbinafine - inhibits squalene epoxidase-answer: bf griseofulvin is effective only against dermatophytes which take up the drug via an active transport system. its exact mechanism of action is s
What is the difference between Typical and Atypical Psychotic drugs?
Antipsychotic drugs are drugs that have been designed to treat a severe psychiatric condition known as psychosis. Psychosis is characterized by the distortion of thoughts during which a person loses touch with reality, often manifesting with hallucin
What is the difference between Loestrin and Loestrin Fe?
Some people are wondering if there is any difference between the Loestrin and the Loestrin Fe.They are both created by Duramed Pharmaceuticals but their main difference is the mixture of hormones that are placed for each. Loestrin contains estrogen