Top Herbal Medicine Quizzes & Trivia

 The word drug comes from the Dutch word “droog” and means ‘to dry’, in reference to how ancient healers would dry plants for use as medicines. Herbs are trophorestorative that work on the deepest level to bring about vitality and healing. It has been found, through scientific research, that plants benefit us by actually transferring information to our bodies on a genetic level.

Now, that’s what I call deep healing! The World Health Organisation, or WHO in short, estimated that 80% of the population uses herbal medicine to either treat their illnesses or manage their health. That means you are either one of these 80% who use herbs and know a lot about them, or should be using them and must find out more about: “What is Citronella usually used for?”, or “Which herb is a powerful sedative?”. Take these quizzes and find out!

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