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Have you seen the movie Anaconda? Yeah, big snakes right? Really terrifying ones. Well, talking about big snakes, try the Burmese python for size. It’s actually one of the FIVE largest snakes in the world! If you're familiar with this snake, you probably already know that. Do you think you can slither your way around our quizzes on the Burmese Python? Do you know where Burmese pythons are often found? Give me another answer aside from Burma! That's too easy.

Any clue as to the length of the longest one ever recorded? We bet it's longer that twice your height! Get the picture yet? Find out more on how well you know this super-sized snake. Are you ready for some Burmese Python quizzes? Don't rush! Just take your time and crawl your way to the top...

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Burmese Python Questions and Answers