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UREs taken directly out of Volume 2 CDCs Security Forces 3P071 CDCs

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    (201) Who provides the foundation of the integrated defense (ID) concept? 

Volume 1 

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    When must you notify the training section that qualification training is complete?

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    What info on a map is much like th instruction book that comes with a piece of equipment?

3P071 Questions & Answers

How do you convert a grid azimuth to a magnetic azimuth?
Option A - subtract the 3.5 degree from your azimuth. To convert grid azimuth to magnetic azimuth you have to subtract the G - M angle from the grid azimuth. For example, if GM angle is 3.5 and grid azimuth is 150, magnetic azimuth will be Magnetic a
What are the two types of withdrawals?
There are different kinds of withdrawals depending on the topic we are talking about, but since this topic falls under the part of Map and Geography Trivia (3P071 Volume 3) which may or may not talk about security forces, we can say that the two type
What is an azimuth?
The answer is letter C. An azimuth is a horizontal angle measured clockwise from true north, magnetic north, or grid north. To make this easier to understand, here are a few details regarding azimuths that you need to remember which may come in handy
What is the most important thing to look for when inspecting your lensatic compass?
The answer is letter D. The most important thing to look for when you’re inspecting your lensatic compass is whether the dial or arrow is moving freely. A compass is a delicate instrument and should be well taken care of. It is always required