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    (001) What document outlines the basis of the civil engineer organizations?

3E6X1 CDC Volume 2 pre-test

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    (201) Who monitors a unit’s manning?

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    At what temperature must a refrigerated storage warehouse chill space be maintained?

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    (801) What is the single source for AF planning and support of combat forces in a time of war?

3e6x1 Questions & Answers

What plotting symbol symbolizes a crater?
A circle is used to symbolize a crater when plotting. A crater is known as "C" when giving coordinates as to where it is located but not used when plotting craters on a map.
Which training method allows the trainee to practice the skills necessary for completing a task?
It's not discussion. It's performance. discussion is for exchanging ideas, opinions and experiences. The trainer asks questions to allow the trainee to actively participate in a discussion. Performance allows the trainee to practice.
Which deployed personnel accountability tool provides a list of people and the teams theyare assigned to?
Duty roster is a tool that provides a list of people and the teams they are assigned to. A standby roster is a tool that can be used to recall key personnel.
What differentiates an aerospace expeditionary wing (AEW) from an aerospace expeditionary force (AEF)?
The ability to quickly deploy and establish operations at new sites anywhere in the world and the ops tempo.