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  • Which of the following is not a function of the sections within the career field training plan (CFETP) part I?

  • Which of the following is not a requirement for upgrade to 3D153?

  • Which 3D career field installs, supports, and maintains servers or other computer systems and responds to service outages and interruptions to network operations?

  • In real-time sampling, what type of interpolation is used when measuring pulse waves?

  • The size of a test pattern segment transmitted from a bit error rate test (BERT) is determined by the

  • What type of error is the result of two successive logic one pulses of the same polarity that violates alternate mark inversion coding rules?

  • The Earth’s conductivity is determined by the type of

  • This term is used to describe radio waves that bend as they travel from one medium toanother that has different density.

  • The refractive index of air depends on moisture,

  • Which type of cable is the hardest to splice?

  • A short section of single fiber cable that has a connector at each end is called a

  • What allows transportation of all active virtual LANs (VLAN) between switches using a single physical link?