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Alternative Medicine Quiz - Quiz


Questions and Answers
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    Where does the term alternative medicine mean any healing practice that does not fall within the realm of conventional medicine

    The term "alternative medicine" refers to any healing practice that is outside the scope of conventional medicine. The answer "Western Culture" implies that this term is primarily used and understood in Western societies. Alternative medicine practices, such as acupuncture or herbal remedies, are often associated with non-traditional or non-mainstream approaches to healthcare, which are more prevalent in Western cultures compared to other parts of the world.

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    Name 5 different therapies/alternative medicines which are approved by the (NCCAM)

    The National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) approves Naturopathy, Chiropractic medicine, Herbalism, Traditional Chinese medicine, and Ayurveda as therapies/alternative medicines. Additionally, other approved therapies include Meditation, Yoga, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Homeopathy, and Acupuncture.

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    In what country are herbs tightly regulated?

    In Germany, herbs are tightly regulated due to their Commission E legislation. This means that half of the herbs are prescribed by doctors and are covered by health insurance. This regulation ensures that the use of herbs is controlled and monitored, promoting safety and efficacy in their usage.

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    What is Integrative Medicine?

    Integrative medicine refers to the integration of alternative/complementary medicine with conventional medicine. This approach combines the practices and methods of both types of medicine to provide a holistic and comprehensive approach to healthcare. Integrative medicine also emphasizes preventive medicine and patient-centered care, focusing on the overall well-being of the individual rather than just treating symptoms or diseases.

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    What type of therapy is used widely in children with autsium?

    Art therapy is a type of therapy that is widely used in children with autism. It involves the use of art materials and creative techniques to help children express themselves, communicate, and improve their social skills. Art therapy provides a non-verbal outlet for children with autism to express their thoughts and feelings, as well as to develop their cognitive and motor skills. It can also help reduce anxiety and improve self-esteem in children with autism. Overall, art therapy is an effective and widely used therapeutic approach for children with autism.

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    Define the word Holistic Medicine

    Holistic medicine is a form of healthcare that takes into consideration the entire person, including their physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, social, spiritual, and lifestyle factors. It focuses on fostering a cooperative relationship among all individuals involved in order to achieve optimal physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual health.

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    What is the belief that a small amount of the substance that caused a person's disease or condition is consumed, it will enable the body to fight off the disease is known as what?

    Homeopathy is a belief system that suggests consuming a small amount of the substance that caused a person's disease or condition can help the body fight off the disease. It is based on the principle of "like cures like," meaning that a substance that causes symptoms in a healthy person can be used in a highly diluted form to treat similar symptoms in an ill person. This alternative medicine approach is rooted in the idea that the body has the ability to heal itself and that small doses of natural substances can stimulate this healing process.

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  • 8. 

    What is the most important fact about alternative medicines.

    Alternative medicines are considered to be cheap, reliable, and fully functional. They are often sought after because of their affordability and effectiveness. Additionally, alternative medicines are believed to have minimal chances of causing side effects, making them a popular choice for individuals seeking natural remedies.

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  • 9. 

    Name 3 Brands of Teas which include Ginseng?

    The question asks for three brands of teas that include Ginseng. The given answer lists five brands: Arizona, Lipton, Alvita, Turkey Hill, and Triple Leaf. Since the question does not specify a specific number of brands to be listed, the answer provided includes more than three options.

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    Where did Aloe Vera orginate from?

    Aloe Vera is a succulent plant that is believed to have originated from Sudan, Africa. It is a common misconception that Aloe Vera originated from other regions such as the Arabian Peninsula or the Mediterranean. However, historical evidence and botanical studies suggest that Sudan, Africa is the true place of origin for this versatile plant. Aloe Vera has been used for centuries in traditional medicine and skincare due to its numerous health benefits. Its gel-like substance is known for its soothing and healing properties, making it a popular ingredient in cosmetics and natural remedies.

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