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A comprehensive database of six sigma quizzes online, test your knowledge with six sigma quiz questions. Our online six sigma trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top six sigma quizzes.

Did you know that Six Sigma is a set of techniques for process improvement and is used in many industrial sectors today? Whether you work in the industrial sector or love finding out about new techniques and tools used by others, you will surely find out interesting and fun facts by taking our Six Sigma quizzes. If you love the idea of a method for eradicating errors and eliminating defects from all steps of an industrial process, then we know that you will love our Six Sigma quizzes!

Get ready to answer questions such as, “Who was the Six Sigma methodology developed by and when?”, “What does the Six Sigma doctrine assert?” and, “What major companies and industries utilize the Six Sigma process?” You will be amazed at what you discover. Get cracking on our Six Sigma quizzes now!

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  • Six Sigma can best be defined as:

  • Which Role is not traditionally performed by a Green Belt?

  • Arrange the Six Sigma Process improvement approach in the correct sequence: 1) Measure, 2) Define, 3) Control, 4) Improve, 5) Analyze

  • Six Sigma helps to improve:

  • Small/Mid sized Six Sigma projects are executed by professionals titled as:

  • 3 Sigma standard implies a defect level of:

  • __________________can be measured against a benchmark in a process.
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  • “If P value is >=0.5, then the process is said to be Normal” – Indicate what type of statistics is being used?
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  • Ratio and Interval Scale of measurements are based on ______________type of data
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  • The main focus of any Continuous Improvement Project should be the elimination of...
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  • Waste
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  • Which if the following is not one of the seven wastes?
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