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Pharmacies require only the best people. Not anyone can work there and give medicine or prescribe treatments to some. A certain level of skill is required and this exam is there to ensure that all the people who are in pharmacies possess this level of skill. We’ve got some sample questions for you here and you should take a look at them before you move on.
The Pharmacy Technician Certification Exam (PTCE) is a computer-based exam administered at what centers? The PTCE is a two-hour, multiple-choice, exam that contains how many questions? Unscored questions are not identified and how are they distributed along the exam? These are only a few. More questions are coming and you will have to do a great job to pass the trivia.
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A pharmacy Technician dispenses prescription drugs and other healthcare items to patients as directed by a licensed pharmacist and is tasked with supplying medicines to patients. If you are planning on becoming one, then you must...

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Practice questions for PTCB Exam

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    Which route of medication administration is used to inject drugs into the top skin layers?

Let’s talk about the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board, shall we? The PTCB was established in 1995 to advance medication safety by certifying technicians with the qualifications to support pharmacists and patient care...

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    A pharmacy technician is allowed to accept new prescriptions over the phone.

Law & Ethics review for PTCB Exam

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    The drug enalapril belongs in which of the following classification groups?

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    The recommended dose of phenytoin sodium is 6mg/kg/d administered in three equally divided doses. The phenytoin stock suspension is available in a 125mg/5 mL concentration. How much should be given to a 44 lb child for each dose?

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What is the process called when grinding tablets into a fine powder in a porcelain mortar? 
Levigation is the answer to this, which means that A is the right answer to this question. There are various reasons why people would need to grind tablets into powder form. Some would need to do this so that other people will not see it as they plac
How many millliters of a 3% (w/v) will be necessary to make 6oz of a 1:200 solution?
The correct answer is option A – 30 ML To calculate how many millliters of a 3% (w/v) will be necessary to make 6oz of a 1:200 solution. We use this formular: C1V1 = C2V2 C1 = concentration of original solution C2 = concentration of diluted s
How many 30mg KMNO4 (potassium permanganate) tablets are needed to prepare the following solution? KMNO4 1: 5000 600ml
The answer to this is C. There are four tablets that are needed in order to create the needed solution. For those who are not aware, potassium permanganate is a type of solution that was first created to be a disinfectant. Over the past years, there
How many 150 mg clindamycin capsules are required to compound the following prescription?
32 capsules is the answer to this question. For those who are not familiar with clindamycin, this is known to be a type of drug that is commonly used in order to treat different types of bacterial infections. For example, if there are some infec
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