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What is the process called when grinding tablets into a fine powder in a porcelain mortar? 
Levigation is the answer to this, which means that A is the right answer to this question. There are various reasons why people would need to grind tablets into powder form. Some would need to do this so that other people will not see it as they plac
Is a pharmacy technician allowed to accept new prescriptions over the phone?
1. FalseOnly a pharmacist can accept new prescriptions over the phone but a pharmacy technician can accept a new Rx at the In-window of the pharmacy.
How many 30mg KMNO4 (potassium permanganate) tablets are needed to prepare the following solution? KMNO4 1: 5000 600ml
The answer to this is C. There are four tablets that are needed in order to create the needed solution. For those who are not aware, potassium permanganate is a type of solution that was first created to be a disinfectant. Over the past years, there