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Speed Questions & Answers

How can the speed of dark be measured?
I know it is very easy to think it is not possible to calculate the speed of darkness. The truth is if the speed of light can be calculated, then we should be able to calculate the speed of darkness. People are of the opinion that the speed of light
What is the difference between Average Speed and Instantaneous Speed?
Majorly in the field of physics, kinematics is the science that deals with the study of the motion of an object, irrespective of what causes the motion. It usually has to do with the speed and velocity of the object. Speed, in physics, can be defined
What factors does the speed of an object depend on?
The speed of an object depends on so many factors. These are just things we can easily think of without going into the full explanation that physics has for it. The speed of an object depends on factors like weight, friction; it also depends on the e
What reasons make speed a scalar quantity?
A scalar quantity is a measurement of amount or progression, which speed is a relative progression of velocity in a given moment in time. Likewise, the velocity calculated as a linear format constitutes as the progression in a given direction. In oth