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The passage of time is unnoticed and dramatic, slow when viewed up close but incredibly fast when viewed from afar. Time measures events from the past, the present, and future. Time also measures durations of events and the intervals between them. Did you know that the first calendar was invented over 6,000 years ago? One of the earliest ways to keep time was by using a sun dial.

Today, time is a widely studied phenomenon, derived from Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity and the study of worm holes and time travel. These concepts are enough to make a genius’s head spin! For those who want to learn more about the amazing concept of time and test their knowledge, our time-based quizzes are waiting for you. Take one now before it’s too late!


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     Which is not the purpose of the “Try On Time”?

Take this short quiz to find how how much you need to work on Time Management.

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    Have you ever been suprised by an assignment or quiz?

Choose the correct reading in Arabic for each clock.

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This quest includes one tool. When you complete this survey you will receive a code for points.

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    Follow the link to School.com's "Career Outlook" tool. http://www.schools.com/tools/career_outlook When you're done, come back and answer the following three questions to receive a code for points.

A Reading Counts Style quiz of Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox

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  • Sample Question
    Who are Artemis’s two little brothers?

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Time Questions & Answers

What is the difference between EST and EDT?
If you live in the eastern area of the United States and you have an aunt who lives in California, you may have trouble figuring out the best time to call her because the time is three hours behind your time in the east. When you want to denote the t
What is the right time to discover your passion?
Anytime is the perfect time to discover your passion. You can get inspiration almost everywhere. It may be just a regular and ordinary day, but suddenly, you will realize that you are already experiencing something different from what you have expect
What is the difference between Any time and Anytime?
While there may not seem to be any differences between the words anytime and any time, there are differences which can segregate the words from one another. Any time and anytime are explained in Webster's Dictionary as the same thing, and they mean a
How can i find peace and solitude whilst living alone?
Living alone can be the perfect opportunity for you to live in peace and solitude as long as you know that you have already fought all of your demons successfully. This will give you the chance to decide on your own. You can make decisions based on w