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What is the difference between EST and EDT?
If you live in the eastern area of the United States and you have an aunt who lives in California, you may have trouble figuring out the best time to call her because the time is three hours behind your time in the east. When you want to denote the t
What is the difference between Any time and Anytime?
While there may not seem to be any differences between the words anytime and any time, there are differences which can segregate the words from one another. Any time and anytime are explained in Webster's Dictionary as the same thing, and they mean a
Why is Pacific standard time(PST) different than Eastern standard time(EST)?
Time Zones are put in place as a standardiztion for time in certain areas. They usually break up areas like the boarders of countries but in some cases as in the case of the United States there are several time Zones in one country. The Eastern Time
Is it true that salaried employees are not eligible for overtime?
False€Exempt employees are exempt from the laws requiring overtime, and while exempt employees are paid under the salary basis rule, it is the duties of the position and the level of pay that determines who is exempt from overtime. In other words, it