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    The speed of light is 300.000 miles per second  

Answer each question which follows with the correct choice.

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    Waves that need a medium in which to travel are called _________.

The speed of light is considered a constant. It is defined as the speed at which light travels through any material or space. The speed of light through a vacuum has been the center of the universal physical constant that is...

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    Which of these does speed of light serve as that no any other constants serve as?


Speed Of Light Questions & Answers

Who first measured the speed of light?
Olaus Roemer, a Dutch astronomer, was the first to calculate the speed of light, in the year 1676. Galileo, an Italian astronomer, had attempted to do so, but the mathematics that he was using at the time were not sufficient to correctly calculate th
Who stated that the speed of light is constant?
Albert Einstein was the first to declare that the speed of light was constant. In his theory of special relativity, he calculated the rate of speed and set it as a constant, fixed speed. Einstein was only 16 years old when he began working on the spe
What factors can affect the speed of light?
The way that universe is expanding is determined, so scientists say, on the Big Bang Theory. When the universe “exploded,” it set everything into motion. New theories are being put forward all the time on how the speed of light will be d
How to calculate the speed of light?
The speed of light was first calculated by a Danish astronomer, Olaus Roemer. He figured the rate of speed by watching the eclipses of the moons of Jupiter and estimating how fast the light moved. Although Roemer was off in his calculations, mathemat
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