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  • Sample Question
    A flight request is considered long distance when patient loaded miles exceed

Use the Graphic to the left to answer the following Questions 

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Height measures the vertical distance of an objects by determining how tall it is. On the other hand, a distance is the numerical measurement of how far apart an object or objects are. Although the two terms can be confusing...

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    What's the other term for altitude?

Click in your answers to the nearest tenth.  Do not put the unit on the end. 

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§Rating of the trustworthiness of a routing information source. §How reliable is the source of the routing information? §Range between 0-255 §The lower the AD value the reliable is the source.BGP and IS-IS...

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Distance Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Farthest and Furthest?
The words farthest and furthest are commonly misused in written sentences as they sound similar to some. To give you an explanation when you need to use these words, here are their differences. Farthest is used when you are physically referring to di
What is the difference between Further and Farther?
Further and farther are two words which might literally have the same meaning when you are talking about distance. When you look at the two words, the only difference you will first point out, is the fact that the second letter of the two words is no
How far did he drive down the road before he turned around and drove back if his trip took 5 hours? James drove his car down a mountain road at an average rate of 30 mph and returned over the same...
2 hours. How can James take longer driving the hill even though he is driving 10 mph faster than going back up the hill? Also, the question should be changed to howlongdid he drive down the road, not how far. Or change the answer choices to be miles,